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December 02, 2016
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The television star

Back in 1954, Walter Dette had showed a struggling young angler how to rub a small amount of Red Label Mucilin, into a fly’s wings and tail, so that it would “float like a cork.” New materials come and go, but for my money, nothing beats Red Label Mucilin when you wish your fly or fly line to float.
I treated the tiny tuft of poly with Mucilin and cast the fly. A trout rose, and I hooked the only trout of the afternoon. A monster brown, all of eight inches long. Sadly, this fish was hardly typical of a Catskill Mountains trout. I expect that most of the footage shot that day will wind up on the cutting room floor. It is my sincere hope that Misa had enlisted other volunteers who were able to show the camera larger Catskill trout.

At the end of the day, my director asked me some questions about fly fishing for trout in the Catskill Mountains. For me that was the easy part. All I had to do was run my mouth. No skill required there.

After my performance that day on the Willowemoc, I do not think I can expect any calls from the American Sunday morning fly fishing shows. As somebody once wrote, “Fame is fleeting.”