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February 09, 2016
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    is seeking stringers to cover municipal
    meetings in the Upper Delaware Valley.
    Send an email to editor@riverreporter.com
    or call 845/252-7414, ext. 28

    New Catskills internet radio station is hiring
    several local hosts/sales reps to do a 5 day
    a week 3 hour shift. Pay is small draw + a
    large commission for sponsors you bring
    to the station. Shows will be live at our
    Barryville NY studios. Please provide your
    phone contact. along with your background
    to lc@catskillsradio.com

  • Help Wanted pizza maker / kitchen helper must be experienced salary based pay call Jamie 845-423-8424 immediate hire to qualified applicant.

  • "Grill person and deli clerk needed. breakfast and lunch
    all year 252-3354 ask for Mike'

  • “Bethany Village is now accepting applications for Personal Care Aides for all shifts. Please apply in person at 150 Noble Lane between the hours of 9am-5pm or call 570-251-3463. Bethany Village is an equal opportunity employer.”


  • Merchandise
    Call for hours
    locally made and fair trade gifts fun and fine collectibles


  • Lisa's...Not Just Antiques!
    One Final Weekend before it closes.

    Everything will be $1.00, except furniture and some art!
    Fianal Sale starts 9:00 a.m on Friday, January 29th.
    Hours on Friday and Saturday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.
    Sunday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

    Everything will be $1.00, except furniture and some art!

    Lisa's...Not Just Antiques!
    355 Beach Lake Highway
    Honesdale, Pa. 18431

Real Estate

  • Matthew J. Freda Real Estate Inc.
    Upper Delaware Country Properties

    PO Box 335
    21 Lower Main St.
    Callicoon, NY 12723<

  • Eagle Valley Realty
    6569 State Route 97
    Narrowsburg, NY
    www.eaglevalleyrealty.com • eaglevalleyrealty@gmail.com

    strong>Call Dawn Curreri

    Phone 845-252-3085, Ext. 12 • Eves: 845-252-7358
    Serving the Upper Delaware River Valley • Licensed NY & PA, Realtor-MLS

  • Stanzoni Realty 6738 St. Rt. 52, Lake Huntington, NY 12752
    Licensed NY Realtor - MLS

    Large Victorian home with
    Detached four bay garage for all your toys.
    Large porch overlooking Lake Huntington.
    Features bedrooms galore, original woodwork,
    game room & bar!
    Large Victorian home with
    Call Gary Maas
    845-798-4941 or 845-932-9039
    Priced to Sell - $170,000 MLS#41448

    6569 State Route 97 • Narrowsburg, NY 12764
    Jennie Waligroski
    Eagle Valley Real Estate Salesperson has
    recently obtained her
    e-Pro Certifi cation and SRES Designation
    (Seniors Real Estate Specialist)!
    And don’t forget Jennie is licensed in NY and PA!
    Licensed Real Estate Salesperson in NY & PA
    NY License #10401244876 | PA License #RSR001746
    Offi ce: 845-252-3085 ext 20 | Cell: 845-588-5306 | E-mail: jennie.eaglevalleyrealty@gmail.com


    Town of Bethel
    BE1.-1-41.3 Meadow Tana
    BE1.-1-60 Miller Roger A Miller, Mary C.
    BE3.-1-35.9 Amatus-Salaam Khadija
    BE5.-1-23 Gagliardi Amanda Corvino William
    BE8.-1-42 Kaliku, Janet
    BE8.-1-66 Baldon Abraham & Emma Quarles James R. & Suzzette B
    BE8.-1-84.8 Christian Missionary Church The Vision of God Inc.
    BE9.-1-7.3 Stoddard William Jr Stoddard Joan
    BE9.-1-25.3 Seibold Anita L
    BE9.-1-26 Davis Anita Anita Seibold Davis
    BE11.-1-30 Fernbach Jo Ellen C
    BE12.-1-4.1 Babriecki Stefan Babriecki Rose
    BE12.-1-7.6 Reb Mier Per, LLC
    BE12.-1-7.7 Reb Mier Per, LLC
    BE12.-1-7.8 Reb Mier Per, LLC
    BE12.-1-7.9 Reb Mier Per, LLC
    BE12.-1-13.13 Barcia Paul
    BE12.-1-13.14 Barcia Paul
    BE13.-1-6.17 Cong. Kolel Vyashkem Avrhom, I
    BE13.-1-6.27 Cong. Kolel Vyashkem Avrhom, I
    BE13.-1-23 Potari Jozsef
    BE13.-1-24 Cong Camp Divrie Yeol of Yeshiva Gedola D'Satmar, In
    BE14.-1-3 Griffin Naomi
    BE14.-1-13.4 Markaz Hakolilim Dshikum Squr
    BE14.-1-17.8 Acevedo Gregory Torres, Alba S.
    BE15.-1-10.12 Bowman Raymond S
    BE16.-1-31 Cohn Eli a/k/a Eliyahu Cohen
    BE17.-1-13.11 Ponce Patricia
    BE17.-1-19.1 John Bishop Development LLC
    BE17.-1-19.4 John Bishop Development LLC
    BE17.-1-19.5 John Bishop Development LLC
    BE18.-1-11 Barbosa Rafael Barbosa Gerardo
    BE19.-1-2.2 Kapelow, Lillian
    BE20.-1-4.8 Northtree, LLC
    BE20.-1-4.13 Northtree, LLC
    BE20.-1-4.18 Northtree, LLC
    BE20.-1-4.24 Northtree, LLC
    BE22.-1-6 Dubbins LLC
    BE22.-1-45 Reb Sucherber Radi, LLC
    BE23.-1-5 Kinne James R KINNE FRED V JR.
    BE23.-1-26.1 White 55 LLC
    BE24.-1-35 Barry Deirdra
    BE24.-1-40.4 Versaci Benedict A & Loren
    BE25.-1-5.2 2572 Route 17B, Inc
    BE27.B-1-1.4 Naylor Realty Co
    BE28.-1-2.4 Kapelow, Michael J
    BE30.-5-4 Garcia Luis
    BE31.-3-11 Kinne James & Avis
    BE31.-3-20 Forti Chad B
    BE31.-6-8 Payne Thomas
    BE32.-2-10.6 Riga Trade In
    BE33.-4-25 White Lake Estates, LLC
    BE35.-1-5.1 Pinnacle Dev. Group, LLC
    BE35.-1-5.2 Fishbain Samuel
    BE35.-5-4 White Lake Resorts, LLC
    BE35.-7-1 Grisar Jack & Arline
    BE35.-9-8 M R Realty Group Corp
    BE35.-10-9 White Lake Resorts, LLC
    BE36.-3-20 DelBianco Fortunato & Josephin
    BE36.-3-21.1 DelBianco Fortunato & Josephin
    BE36.-4-1 Finn Herbert
    BE37.-1-13 Kapelow, L.
    BE37.-1-25 1876 Madison Mgt. LLC
    BE37.-1-70 White Lake Estates, LLC
    BE37.-1-73 1876 Madison Mgt. LLC
    BE38.-1-1 Goldring Richard
    BE38.-1-2.1 Goldring Richard
    BE38.-1-2.4 1240 Bethel Estates LLC
    BE38.-1-23 Ortiz Robert
    BE38.-2-12 Fodor Custom Landscaping Cor
    BE38.B-1-5 Stambolian Richard Stambolian Liliana
    BE39.-1-17.2 RWR Enterprises, LLC
    BE40.-1-73.2 Danciu, Peter & Florica
    BE41.-5-12 Schenker Heddy
    BE41.-5-20 Esposito Joseph & Mary
    BE41.-9-2 Olivieri Anthony
    BE41.-9-3 Olivieri Anthony
    BE41.-15-6 Kretchmer Klaus & Chris
    BE42.-2-4 Demora Robert Schuler
    BE42.-2-5 Demora Robert
    BE42.-3-7 Gomez Lenny
    BE42.-5-2 Gomez, Lenny
    BE42.-5-3 Ravens Nest Realty LLC
    BE42.-5-5 Gomez Lenny
    BE42.-5-6 Gomez Lenny
    BE42.-6-9 Fining Alice F & Edward Fining, James P.
    BE42.-7-19 Zagara John & Ines
    BE42.-7-21 Locicero Steven
    BE42.-8-6 Piazza Matilde & Nicholas
    BE42.-8-7 Piazza Nicholas F & Matilde
    BE42.-8-13 Piazza Nicholas & Matilde
    BE42.-9-17 Rodgers, John
    BE42.-9-21 Lasskow Maxwell
    BE42.-10-4 Lasskow Maxwell
    BE42.-10-5 Lasskow Maxwell
    BE42.-12-6 Bonnaci Robert Jr Bonnaci, William & CIndy
    BE42.-12-7 Bonnaci Robert Jr Bonnaci, William & CIndy
    BE42.-14-7 Vaccaro Frank & Frances
    BE42.-16-16 Dec Piotr J
    BE42.-24-17 Curley, Karen
    BE42.-25-14 McNamee Sean P
    BE42.-25-15 McNamee Sean P
    BE42.-28-2 Schwamberger Charles M
    BE42.-28-5 Schwamberger Charles M & Chris
    BE43.-12-5 Dec Piotr J
    BE43.-12-6 Dec Piotr J
    BE43.-12-9.1 Dec Piotr J
    BE43.-12-10 Dec Piotr J
    BE43.-13-2 Fiore Frank & Theresa
    BE43.-22-2.8 Castillo Laura
    BE43.-25-1 Hafeez Farroukh
    BE43.-27-1.1 Manalo Greg
    BE43.-28-1.4 Lee Thomas J Difilippo Lee
    BE43.-31-6 Hatt Gerald E & Cecelia Ann
    BE43.-32-8 Amalia Mette Helene .
    BE44.-3-2 Hafeez Farroukh
    BE44.-15-4 Hafeez Farroukh
    BE45.-2-18 FJM Properties LLC
    BE45.-5-1.22 Mulligan Thomas W & Billie A.
    BE46.-14-1 McLean Mary Jane & Peter
    BE46.-17-14 Noran Charles A Jr
    BE46.-17-18.2 Pfaaf Dorothy
    BE46.-23-1 Geiba, Irmena
    BE47.-4-2 Nelson, Z
    BE47.-15-5.1 Porrata Michael Lee
    BE47.-17-5 Guerrera Joseph
    BE47.-17-6 Tomasulo Nancy
    BE48.-3-19 Whelan John J & CHristina M.
    BE48.-14-11 Sheehan Dennis & Rita
    BE48.-14-12 Simpson Rita J
    BE49.-4-14.1 Eck Scott L
    BE49.-7-7.2 Djonbalic Agron
    BE49.-15-1 Curley, Karen A- Trustee
    BE49.-18-1 Sirianni Rosa Slack Sirianni Sonny J.
    BE50.-16-6 Coney Coralie
    BE51.-1-9 Lubniewski, Anthony Lubniewski, Michael & Patrici
    BE51.A-3-6 Gartland John Patrick
    BE51.A-4-3 Castillo Laura
    BE51.A-4-6 Coutieri Charles
    BE51.A-5-6 Castillo Laura
    BE51.A-11-10 Dec Piotr J
    BE51.B-4-2 Cococcia Christopher J Cococcia Patricia
    BE51.B-6-2 Dibari, Ralph J. & Paula K.
    BE51.B-6-10 Rozyk Maria J
    BE53.-1-58.11 Kapelow, Michael J
    BE53.-1-61.7 Ludlam-Smith Joyce M
    BE55.D-1-4.55 Muppetville, LLC
    Town of Callicoon
    CA4.-1-26.9 Davis, Howard L & Sheryl
    CA6.B-1-32 Zilberstein Bernard
    CA7.-1-27.2 Santos Elba
    CA7.-1-41.1 Horsford Lorraine & Victor A.
    CA8.-1-12 Caruso Paul & Erna
    CA13.-1-20 Reith Alan
    CA15.-5-7 Larsen Thomas C & Debra L.
    CA16.-1-1 Mootz Melissa
    CA16.-1-28 Fox Warren
    CA16.-1-32 Fox Warren
    CA16.-1-38.1 Roberts Richard W Steffe Cynthia
    CA18.-1-65 Kasiotis, Joseph E
    CA18.-1-93.1 Sundstad Eric
    CA21.-1-2 Roberts Richard Steffe Cynthia
    CA22.-1-2.3 Roberts Richard Steffe Cynthia
    CA22.-1-2.6 Roberts Richard Steffe Cynthia
    CA23.-1-7.10 Hauser, Allen W & Lorraine J
    CA23.-1-22.4 Stipek Sandra
    CA27.-1-30.4 Williams Eric & Patricia
    CA27.-1-36.10 Schmidt, Stephan
    CA28.-1-37 Wilson Mary
    CA29.-1-12 Doyle Garrett & Renee
    CA104.-1-11 Bauer Gerald E & Arlene E.
    CA105.-3-26 Dev.Corp. Catskill Management ATTN: JOE TINARI
    CA106.-1-32 Skinger Brandi
    Town of Cochecton
    CO1.-1-3.4 Costa Anthony
    CO1.-1-17 Franceschi Barbara
    CO1.-1-23.3 Chennuru-Gamandy Camille
    CO1.-1-39.8 Paciga Michael & Madeline
    CO2.-1-20.2 Rivera Richard Diane
    CO2.-1-21 Ruchev Holdings LLC
    CO2.-1-22.9 Rios Juan
    CO3.-3-47 Partnership Hilltop Ponds
    CO9.-1-14.3 Ramos Anthony
    CO9.-2-1.1 Rexhepi Sali & Cyma
    CO9.-3-13.1 Popolillo Michael F & Patricia
    CO9.-3-13.2 Popolillo Michael F & Patricia
    CO9.-3-13.4 Popolillo Michael F & Patricia
    CO9.-3-25.2 American Electric LLC
    CO10.-2-19.1 Popolillo Michael F & Patricia
    CO10.-2-23 Joseph , David A & Theresa
    CO10.-2-34.1 Brothers 2004 LLC .
    CO10.-2-53 Stanzoni Robert
    CO12.-1-28 Soto, Samuel
    CO13.-1-20.3 Stanzoni Robert
    CO14.-1-5 Ritz Thomas Gomez Alene
    CO14.-2-14.2 Stanzoni Robert
    CO14.-2-15.3 Velez, Nelson E. & Helen
    CO15.-1-4 Russian Village, LLC.
    CO15.-1-5 Russian Village, LLC.
    CO18.-1-1.6 Aliprantis Anthony
    CO18.-1-6.22 Bouillon, Guy & Marilyn
    CO18.-1-30 Wolfe Fred & Gerda
    CO19.-1-6.5 Holbert Karen
    CO20.-1-19 Hartman Phillip Kornish, Doris
    CO21.-1-14.1 Daub Sandra
    CO23.-1-8.4 Mahon Gloria T
    Town of Delaware
    DE5.-1-12.4 Esposito Felicia
    DE5.-1-26.2 Villa Roma Resort & Conf. Ctr.
    DE5.-1-28 Villa Roma Resort & Conference Center, Inc
    DE5.-1-29.3 Defonte, Marguerite
    DE5.-1-36.6 Mullally Timothy & Helen
    DE6.-1-76 Curto Marion
    DE6.-1-78.1 Esposito John & Josephine
    DE12.-1-13.4 Suffoletto Cindy
    DE13.-4-4 Tew, David M & Grant, Loretta
    DE14.-5-24 Bojo Sharon
    DE14.-5-26.1 24 Upper Main LLC
    DE14.-5-68.1 Callicoon Building, LLC
    DE16.-2-3.1 Mount Michael F.
    DE20.-1-5.8/1002 Sullivan Elizabeth Sullivan Stephen E
    DE20.-1-7.1 Villa Roma Country Club Inc.
    DE20.-1-8.2 Villa Roma Country Club Inc.
    DE20.-1-9.4 Callicoon Development Corp Passante Realty Corp
    DE20.-1-9.8 Callicoon Development Corp
    DE20.-1-9.9 Callicoon Development Corp Passante Realty Corp
    DE20.-1-11.3 Callicoon Development Corp. Passante Realty Corp
    DE20.-1-11.4 Villa Roma Country Club Inc
    DE20.-1-12.6 Villa Roma Country Club Inc.
    DE20.-1-14.2 Villa Roma Country Club Inc.
    DE21.-1-2.2 Leddy Brian & Sarah
    DE21.-1-21.1 Bnos, Rochel
    DE22.-1-34.6 Nicoletti Robert & Mary
    DE23.-1-6 Smith, Joseph F.
    DE23.-1-17 Nakao Naomi & Michael
    DE24.-1-12 Ardizone, Brian
    DE24.-1-13 Ardizone Brian
    DE24.-1-15.2 Ardizone Brian
    DE24.-1-38 Hamm Robert & Lynn
    DE28.-1-9.5 Fay Judy Ann
    DE28.-1-16 Franco Steven A & Emily A.
    DE28.-1-17 Franco Steven A & Emily A.
    DE28.-1-57 Franco Steven & Emily A.
    Town of Fallsburg
    FA1.-1-41.4 Rieber Sean M
    FA2.-1-11.3 L&F Enterprises Inc
    FA3.-1-9.71 Sullivan Doreen
    FA6.-1-13.3 Aguilar Raquel Vega Jorge & Maria
    FA6.-1-16.32 Adar Trees LLC
    FA6.-1-16.33 Adar Trees LLC
    FA7.-1-9.36 Kolenovic Izet & Duljo
    FA7.-1-9.37 Kolenovic Izet & Duljo
    FA7.-1-16.3 Wallace Shirley
    FA7.-1-33.1 Walter Kenneth H Truitt Michele E
    FA7.-1-35.25 BJR IV, LLC
    FA7.-1-37.14 Calle Elizabeth B
    FA8.-1-7.2 Osterhout LLC
    FA8.-1-34.1 Gysin Nancy
    FA9.-1-2.1 Horos Donna Marie
    FA9.-1-2.2 Horos Donna Marie
    FA9.-1-5 Pasciucco Donna a/k/a Donna Horos
    FA9.-1-36.5 Amsel Harold Knee Ann
    FA9.-1-47.2 Dalconzo Joseph
    FA9.-1-48.10/0501 Gross Yaakov & Judy
    FA9.-1-73.1 Lighthouse Assembly Of God
    FA11.-1-4.22 Briggs Elise
    FA11.-1-13 Castillo Laura
    FA11.-1-22 Mongiello Sull Co Real Est LLC
    FA11.-1-24 Carpinone, Christopher & Marc; Carmine Sr & Camille
    FA11.-1-28.2 RABS CC Associates LLC
    FA11.-1-33./1302 Brach Samuel & Tammy
    FA11.-1-39.02./0101 Dulik Ivan F. Moravkova, Consuela
    FA11.-1-39.03./0318 Harris, Joshua
    FA11.-1-39.05./0103 Abrams Kyle B & Gregoria J
    FA11.-1-39.07./0301 Porras Edwin
    FA11.-1-39.07./0322 Harris Joshua
    FA11.-1-39.08./0123 Pierre Gislene
    FA12.-1-26 YLPF Hasbrouck Property LLC
    FA12.-1-30.1 YLPF Hasbrouck Property LLC
    FA12.-1-41.4./4001 Rothstein David & Reize
    FA12.-1-41.6/2901 Jacobowitz Zvi
    FA12.-1-41.6/3001 Vishedsky Rose
    FA12.-1-41.6/5001 Lang Jacob
    FA12.-1-53 Jacobowitz Zvi
    FA12.-1-65.7 Coppola Marc
    FA13.-1-15 Vandermark, James D & Kim
    FA14.-1-15 Patel Manish J
    FA16.-1-27.7 Tabak Shimon
    FA16.-1-27.9 Kolenovic, Izet
    FA16.-1-28.8 Aliperti Antonio Aliperti Jr., Giovani Alfonso
    FA16.-1-30 Aliperti Antonio & Giovanni A.
    FA16.-1-32.76 Young, Ethel-Ruth Meningal
    FA17.-1-10 Puehlhorn, Jackie
    FA17.-1-12.9 Edwan Issam M
    FA17.-1-37.4 Upstate Prime Properties
    FA17.A-1-17 Held, Harvey & Marilyn
    FA17.A-1-73 Ehrenhaus Michael Ehrenhaus Eric
    FA17.B-1-12 Ringelheim Nicole
    FA18.-2-11 Mountain Lake Development LLC
    FA18.-2-12.1 Mountain Lake Development LLC
    FA18.-3-2 Upstate Prime Properties LLC
    FA18.-3-8.1 Gotlieb Haim Joseph
    FA19.-8-19 VanAken Dodaroy & William C
    FA19.A-10-14 Panny Theresa
    FA19.-12-7 Tilts Brian
    FA19.-12-9 Limperopulos Harry
    FA20.-1-3.1/1001 SDEW LLC
    FA20.-1-10 Ahmed Jameela
    FA20.-1-24.1 Norman, Layton W. Jr & Yvonne
    FA20.-1-25.10 Adar Trees, LLC
    FA21.-1-8 Yeshiva Birchas Moshe, Inc Attn: Abraham Breier
    FA21.-1-32.2 Klausenburg, Mosdos
    FA21.-1-32.3 Wieder Jacob
    FA21.-1-34 Mosdos Klausenburg Inc.
    FA21.-1-48 Toledo Joseph C
    FA22.-2-10.3 Bauer William M
    FA22.-2-18 Yeshiva Birchas Moshe
    FA22.-3-3 Yeshiva Birchas Moshe
    FA23.-1-2.22 Neversink, LLC
    FA23.-2-3 Lamy Steve R
    FA23.-8-3 Mosdos Klausenburg Inc
    FA23.-8-5 Mosdos Klausenburg Inc
    FA23.-9-1 Mosdos Klausenburg Inc
    FA23.-9-4 Mosdos Klausenburg Inc
    FA23.-10-7 Woodbourne 52 Realty LLC
    FA23.-13-8 Meenaghan Mark
    FA24.-1-6 Gibraltar International Group
    FA24.-4-4.1 Smith Peter D
    FA25.-1-1.1 Schmidt Michael & Lisa
    FA26.-1-3.4 Hoag Jason
    FA26.-1-46.1 Sauer Adam & Wiestawa
    FA27.-1-8.2 Tollaksen Jeffrey
    FA27.-1-8.4 Tollaksen Jeffrey
    FA27.-1-15 Brager, Inc.
    FA28.-1-18.5 Jadese Realty, LLC
    FA28.-1-19.1 Brown Rodney C
    FA28.-1-19.5 Sep Joseph & Susan
    FA28.-1-26.6 Octopus, Inc
    FA28.-1-34./4701 Ehrman Abraham J
    FA28.-1-34./5401 NELYCS LLC
    FA28.-1-50./0501 Fruend Phillip & Sarah
    FA28.-1-50./1501 Gluck, Mendy Goldring, Rochel L.
    FA28.-1-57.1/1701 Lazar Abraham & Pamela
    FA28.-1-57.1/3801 Yeshiva Birchas Moshe, Inc.
    FA28.-1-57.1/6501 Klein, Chayie Helena
    FA29.-1-2 Yeshiva Machzikei Torah Dchasidei Belz of New York
    FA29.-1-10 Camp Shiloh Inc.
    FA29.-1-22.2 Yeshiva Machzikei Torah Dchasidei Belz of New York
    FA29.-1-24.5 Yeshiva Machzikei Torah Dchasidei Belz of New York
    FA29.-1-32.4 Mans Brothers Realty Inc
    FA29.-1-55.1 Miranda, Manuel
    FA31.-1-33 Regal Wankref Country Colonies Inc.
    FA31.-1-35 Regal Wankref Country Colonies Inc
    FA31.A-1-8 BJR V, LLC
    FA32.-1-47 Hughes Ignatus
    FA32.-1-54 Goldstein Burton S Indiv Rita Carl P. Goldstein
    FA32.-1-62 Haste Richard F Serrano Diane
    FA32.-1-76 Magana Antonio Magana, Antoinette
    FA33.-1-18 Main Street Freeport Corp
    FA34.-6-3 Price George & Olga
    FA35.-3-8.2 Pearl Judith Judith Pearl Living Trust
    FA35.-6-4 Hurleyville Garage, LLC
    FA36.-1-23./4601 Schechter Mordechai Meir
    FA36.-1-28.8 Blay Alan
    FA36.-1-33.7 Taanig, Inc
    FA36.-1-70 BJR II, LLC
    FA38.-4-5.3 Maloney, William
    FA39.-1-95 Unlimited Claims Inc
    FA39.-1-100 Gold Herbert A & Ira B. Brock Richard
    FA40.-3-1 Rossini Joseph
    FA41.-1-80 Srdanovic Refat
    FA41.-1-81 Srdanovic Refat
    FA42.-1-13.7 Kleingardner Lewis Jr & Linda
    FA42.-1-31.2 Sep Joseph W. & Susan T.
    FA43.-4-5 Davis Jay & Denise
    FA43.-4-6 Loniak Andrew W Conklin Paul A.
    FA43.-5-1.1 Pabon, Louisa
    FA44.-1-39 Sullivan Kenneth C
    FA44.-1-58.1 Pucklis Evadne Giannini Evadne
    FA44.-1-68 RABS CC Associates LLC
    FA46.-4-23 Downtown Mountaindale I LLC
    FA47.-1-23 Degraw, Jay & Andrea
    FA47.-1-30.1 Degraw, Jay & Andrea
    FA47.-1-30.2 Degraw, Jay & Andrea
    FA47.-1-30.3 DeGraw, Jay & Andrea
    FA47.-1-50 Kleinman Paul Eyl Phyllis
    FA47.-1-56.1 Azarye Realty Corp
    FA47.A-1-69 GHD Developers LLC
    FA48.-3-8 ADAR Trees, LLC
    FA48.-4-5./0202 Muller Isaac Leib & Miriam
    FA49.-2-10 Lecei Janos & Nadezda
    FA50.-2-3 Wineburg, Solomon
    FA50.-3-7 LSF Tire & Auto Inc
    FA50.-3-10 Weinberger Edward
    FA50.-3-12 Weinberger Edward
    FA50.-4-1 Weinberger Edward
    FA50.-4-4.3 Sep Joseph & Susan
    FA50.-4-4.6 ADAR Trees, LLC
    FA50.-5-18 Friedman Moshe
    FA51.-2-3 Stewart Traci
    FA51.-2-16 Buckner Letise & Donald
    FA51.-3-4 Prager Simone
    FA51.-3-5.1 Lewintow David
    FA51.-3-10.2 Schickman Bernard & Marion
    FA51.-3-10.4 Schickman Bernard & Marion
    FA51.-3-12 Cohen Miriam
    FA51.-4-13 Demareno Demetria Mb
    FA51.-4-14 Garcia Jose Armando
    FA51.-4-18.2 N.P.H.B Restaurant Corp
    FA51.-4-18.3 Berkowitz Harry
    FA51.-5-2 Carter Kenneth O & Harris Lucille C
    FA51.-5-7.3 Gombo Heimeshe Bakery, Inc.
    FA51.-5-7.7 Catskill Judaica, Inc.
    FA52.-1-5 Azarye Realty Corp
    FA52.-3-1 Azarye Realty Corp
    FA52.-3-4 Azarye Realty Corp
    FA52.-4-16 Brager, Inc
    FA52.-4-17 Braun Joseph
    FA52.-5-13 J & J Realty Assoc.,
    FA52.-5-25 Gonzalez Nelson R
    FA52.-6-17.1 Piedrahita Hernan & Amparo
    FA53.-1-2.2 Seletsky Arnold
    FA53.-2-2 Grosz, Chananya
    FA53.-2-5 Davis, Lee O
    FA53.-2-9 Grunbaum Abe
    FA53.-2-23 Friedman Nuchem
    FA53.-2-24 Gibbs Robert Copeland Carol
    FA55.-1-4 Congregation Rachmastrivka Inc
    FA55.-4-2 Henderson Arthur & Dawne
    FA55.-4-9 Henderson Arthur & Dawne
    FA56.-1-3.1 Rose Gardens LLC
    FA56.-1-24.3 RABS CC Associates LLC
    FA56.-1-31.2 Grosz Chananya
    FA56.A-1-4 Rizio Louis
    FA57.-1-9.3 Kateri, LLC
    FA57.-1-13.3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA57.-1-13.6 Vodas, LLC .
    FA57.-1-13.7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA57.-1-13.9 Vodas, LLC .
    FA57.-1-13.11 Vodas, LLC .
    FA57.-1-13.21 Vodas, LLC .
    FA57.-1-13.23 Vodas, LLC .
    FA57.-1-13.24 Vodas, LLC .
    FA57.-1-13.26 Davos Sewer Co Inc
    FA57.-1-16.02./0204 Wiltse, Keith
    FA57.-1-16.07./0203 Smith Raymond & Tammy Lee
    FA57.-1-16.09./0102 Block, William
    FA57.A-1-41 Cao Victor Li Baixue
    FA58.-1-37.1 Eberenz Michael M
    FA58.-1-44.1 Jimenez Keith Yvonne Tavares
    FA58.-1-57.1 Leva Joseph
    FA58.A-1-21 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.B-1-13 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.B-1-14 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.B-1-15 Kateri, LLC
    FA58.B-1-16 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.B-1-25 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.B-2-9 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.B-2-10 Kateri, LLC
    FA58.B-2-14 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.B-2-34 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.B-3-21 Wexler Martin & Roberta
    FA58.B-3-26 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.B-4-18 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.B-4-38 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.B-5-1 Perlmutter Frederic
    FA58.B-5-13 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.C-1-16 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.C-1-21 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.C-1-24 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.C-1-26.1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.C-2-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.C-2-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.C-2-17 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.C-4-19 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.C-4-20 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.D-1-18 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.D-4-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.D-4-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.D-4-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.D-4-6 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.D-4-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.D-4-8 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.D-4-9 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.E-1-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.E-1-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.E-1-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.E-1-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.E-1-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.E-1-6 Cachioli Joseph King John
    FA58.E-2-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.E-2-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.E-2-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.E-3-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.E-4-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.E-4-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.E-5-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.F-1-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.F-1-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.F-1-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.F-1-6 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.F-1-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.F-1-8 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.F-2-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.F-2-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.F-2-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.F-2-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.F-2-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.F-2-6 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.F-2-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.F-2-9 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.F-2-10 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.F-3-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.F-4-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.G-1-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.G-1-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.G-2-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.G-2-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.G-2-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.G-2-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.G-2-6 Foster Daniel A
    FA58.G-2-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.G-2-8 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.G-2-9 Foster Daniel A
    FA58.G-2-10 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.G-2-11 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.G-2-12 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.G-2-13 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.H-1-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.H-2-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.H-2-2 Foster Daniel A
    FA58.H-2-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.H-2-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.H-2-6 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.H-2-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.H-2-8 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.H-3-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.H-3-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.H-3-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.H-3-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.H-3-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.H-3-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.H-3-8 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.H-3-9 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.H-3-10 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.H-5-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-6 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-8 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-9 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-10 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-11 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-12 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-13 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-14 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-15 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-16 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-17 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-18 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-19 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.I-1-21 Pappas Bernice
    FA58.J-1-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-1-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-1-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-1-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-1-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-1-6 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-1-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-1-8 Foster Daniel A
    FA58.J-1-9 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-1-10 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-1-11 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-1-12 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-1-15 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-1-16 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-2-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-2-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-2-6 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-2-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-2-8 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-3-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-3-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-3-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-3-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-3-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.J-3-6 Castillo Laura
    FA58.K-1-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-1-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-1-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-1-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-1-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-1-6 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-1-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-1-8 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-2-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-2-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-2-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-2-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-6 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-8 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-9 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-10 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-11 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-12 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-13 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-14 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-15 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-16 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-17 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-18 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-19 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-20 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-21 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-3-22 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-4-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-4-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-4-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-4-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-4-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-4-6 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-4-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-4-8 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-4-9 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-4-10 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-4-11 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-4-12 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-5-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-5-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-5-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-5-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-6-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-6-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-6-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.K-6-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-1-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-2-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-2-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-2-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-2-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-2-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-2-6 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-2-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-2-8 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-2-9 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-2-10 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-2-11 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-2-12 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-3-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-3-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-3-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-3-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-3-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-3-6 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-3-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-3-8 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-3-9 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-3-10 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-3-11 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-3-12 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-4-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-4-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-4-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-4-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-4-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-4-6 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-4-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-4-8 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-4-9 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-4-10 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-4-11 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-4-12 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-5-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.L-5-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-1-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-1-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-1-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-1-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-1-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-1-6 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-1-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-1-8 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-1-9 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-1-10 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-6 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-8 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-9 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-10 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-11 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-12 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-13 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-14 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-15 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-16 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-17 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-18 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-19 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-20 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-21 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-22 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-23 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-24 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-25 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-26 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-2-27 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-3-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-3-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-3-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-3-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-3-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-3-6 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-3-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-3-8 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-3-9 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-2 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-3 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-4 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-5 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-6 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-7 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-8 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-9 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-10 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-11 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-12 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-13 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-14 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-15 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-16 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-17 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-18 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-19 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-20 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-21 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-22 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-23 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.N-4-24 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.P-1-1 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.P-1-9 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.P-1-17 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.P-2-13 Vodas, LLC .
    FA58.P-2-30 Vodas, LLC .
    FA59.-1-54 Royal T Ranch Corp.
    FA60.-1-7 Berman Scott & David Josepher, Stacie B.
    FA60.-1-15.1/0102 E&M Wagshal Family Trust
    FA60.-1-15.1/1202 Alpine 42 LLC
    FA60.-1-15.1/1221 Alpine 42 LLC
    FA60.-1-15.1/2201 Beechnut Drive LLC
    FA60.-1-15.1/5201 Cong Vayetar Yitzchok
    FA60.-1-15.1/5601 Weiss Naftulie & Judy
    FA60.-1-15.1/7201 Gross Benjamin
    FA60.-1-27 Guttman Yoel
    FA60.-1-48 Temple, Samuel Daniel & Arnold, Leslie Susan
    FA60.-1-70.1 Miron Hills LLC
    FA60.-1-81.6 Minevich Mila
    FA61.-1-14.6 Davos Sewer Co Inc
    FA63.-1-3.2 Calise, Brunhilde A.
    FA63.-1-13.1 K & S of Sullivan County Realt
    FA63.-1-16.2 Cardino Joseph
    FA64.-1-1.12 Kateri, LLC
    FA64.-1-14.1 Resnick Family Limited Partnership
    FA64.-1-19.1 Greenwood David Greenwood David H.
    FA64.-1-19.3 Torregrossa John
    FA64.-1-19.6 Greenwood David Greenwood David H.
    FA65.-1-16.1 AIDA Excavating & Pools Inc
    FA65.-1-17 Borrello Mario
    FA102.-1-2 Roosevelt Commercial Properties LLC
    FA102.-1-4 R & D Landholdings LLC
    FA102.-2-7 Woodridge Royal Estates LLC
    FA102.-2-25.2 Sun Eagle Inc.
    FA102.-2-35 Woodridge Holdings LLC
    FA102.-2-37 Grosz Chananya
    FA103.-1-8 Osorio Carlos & Doris
    FA103.-1-15 Osorio Carlos & Doris
    FA103.-2-3.2 Chestnut Century at Fallsburg Inc.
    FA103.-2-11.1 Fronshtein as Trustee, Sarra FRONSHTEIN FAMILY TRUST
    FA103.A-1-44 Nagelberg Janet
    FA103.A-1-51 M.U.R.W.
    FA103.A-1-99 Schonbrun, David
    FA105.-1-7.2 30 Novogrodsky Road, LLC
    FA106.-1-2 Zilber Isaac
    FA111.-1-3.8/1901 Spira, Abraham A. & Rose
    FA111.-1-3.8/2101 Conby, LLC
    FA111.-1-3.8/2701 Weiss Solomon & Chani
    FA111.-1-3.8/6301 Pollak Theodore
    FA113.-1-1./9301 Stern Abraham
    FA113.-1-1./4201 Arem Jack & Marsha
    Town of Forestburgh
    FO3.-1-2.19 Duffy Joanne M
    FO6.-2-36.25 Chin Tj & Paula
    FO8.-1-1.11 Pajak Edward Jr & Helen M.
    FO9.-1-1.14 Crowninshield Corp
    FO12.-1-5.31 Brown Arieh
    FO13.-1-9 ESCO OF NY CORP
    FO23.-1-9.3 Ehrets Raymond
    FO26.-1-26.1 Galligan John & Geraldine
    FO28.-1-4 Keating Carrie Boretz & Edward
    FO28.-1-5.2 Keating Carrie Boretz & Edwar
    FO29.-1-2.16 Banks David
    FO30.-1-5.2 Young Gregory S
    FO30.-1-5.3 Young Gregory
    FO30.-1-6.1 Young Gregory
    FO30.-1-6.4 Young Gregory
    FO32.-1-1.3 Galligan John W & Patricia & J Galligan, Vincent & Greco, Kat
    FO33.-1-19 Peters Arnold J
    FO33.-1-32.6 Fujii Kenji
    FO33.-1-36.4 Tierra Mar and Fuego LLC
    Town of Fremont
    FR2.-1-3.6 Bartschi Carole
    FR2.-1-12 Keno Evelyn D
    FR4.-2-4.2 Vandermark, Lillian .
    FR7.-1-12.2 McAdams BillJoe
    FR8.A-1-1.8 DiTommaso David
    FR21.-1-3.3 Kraus, Vincent & Patricia R.
    FR23.-1-19.2 Armstrong Francis & Patricia
    FR23.-1-20 Armstrong Francis & Patricia
    FR25.-2-21 Nannery Patrick & Arlene E.
    FR26.-1-8 Rynearson James
    FR28.-1-7 Rostock Suzanne Szabo
    FR28.-1-11 Rostock Suzanne Szabo
    FR32.-1-10.1 Feeley Martin as Trustee of Ar Fifth Trust f/b/o
    FR33.-1-18.1 Fredo Patrick & Alice F.
    FR33.-1-29.8 Cuevas Luis
    FR33.-1-32 CARVER ROBERT
    FR35.-1-2.4 Normile, James M
    FR36.-1-53.1 Powell, John T. & Sallie B.
    Town of Highland
    HI3.-1-13 Sullivan County Properties LLC
    HI3.-1-14.1 Blanchard Charles Elliott, Barbara
    HI6.-1-7.1 Hunter Eldred LLC
    HI6.-1-38.12 Jaszczak Dolores
    HI7.-1-15 Toth Joseph
    HI7.-1-30.1 Saper Roderick M & Laurie G.
    HI7.-1-30.6 Saper Roderick M & Laurie G.
    HI7.-1-34.14 Gruszczynski Mitch Gruszczynski, Antonina
    HI7.-1-50.4 Zedzian Boguslaw & Piotr
    HI10.-1-32.9 Schafer, Thomas J & Vonderhorst, Nancy Lee
    HI10.-1-49.1 Schroeder Charles L Jr.
    HI10.-1-49.2 Schroeder Charles L Jr
    HI10.-1-70.2 Clune, Judy Ann
    HI10.-1-72.3 Clune Judy
    HI10.-1-72.4 Clune, Judy Ann
    HI11.-1-19.2 Bohs Norman & Linda
    HI11.-1-88.12 Shehu Yazmine
    HI11.A-1-7 RABS CC Associates L.L.C.
    HI12.-1-63.4 Corces Abel
    HI12.A-2-5 Upstate Development LLC
    HI12.A-3-2 Burke Richard & Ann
    HI13.-4-17 Bohs Norman & Maudsley Louis Eldred United Methodist Church
    HI13.-7-6 Gurgui Dorothy
    HI13.-7-12.1 Conway Lorraine
    HI15.-1-68 Vuotto David & Lynnann
    HI15.-1-145 Vuotto, David
    HI15.-2-54 Tenhoeve Jan N & JoAnn
    HI16.-1-3 Hofaker William & Nancy
    HI16.-5-5 Currier, Cathy
    HI17.-2-1 Sullivan County Properties, LL
    HI18.-1-17.2 Wolff William
    HI20.-1-4.19 Moheit Cynthia a/k/a Yee, Cynthia
    HI20.-1-5.10 Gottlieb Joseph S
    HI20.-1-8.4 Francese Dawn
    HI20.-1-8.15 Tammac Holdings Corporation
    HI20.-1-63.6 Schwanke Lutz & Ellen
    HI20.-1-63.12 Pross Group L.L.C.
    HI21.-1-18 Mitchell Mary Rooney, Maryann
    HI21.-1-22.4 Mitchell Mary F Rooney, Maryann
    HI21.-1-37.8 Ellard Jennifer Almazan, Tracy
    HI22.-2-9 Parashis Kathy Francos, Peter
    HI23.-1-1.2 Riffle Calin J
    HI25.-1-1.8 Barnes Norman & Donna
    HI25.-1-1.9 Marchesin, Brad A. & Haas Charlette F.
    HI26.-1-15.14 Jones Ronald
    HI26.-1-18.1 Amato Chuck Edward
    HI26.-1-37 Elmore Charles & Vera
    Town of Liberty
    LI1.-1-14.10 Hoag Damion Grabek Bobie Jo M
    LI2.-1-1.30 Smith Lonnie J Jr Sandow, Robert & Iris
    LI2.-1-1.31 Smith Lonnie J Jr Sandow, Robert & Iris
    LI2.-1-11.5 Miller Kiah
    LI2.-1-41.2 Lutz, Edmund J. Lutz, Kim L Szabo
    LI5.-1-27.2 Caserta Anthony D
    LI5.-1-46 Reinglas Anthony & Lisa
    LI6.-1-18 Klugman Lewis & Rachelle
    LI6.-1-23.2 Whitey's Acres, LLC
    LI6.-1-36 McKay Robert Sr McKay Carl
    LI6.-1-40 N2 Properties LLC
    LI6.-1-47.3 Stoyer J M
    LI6.-1-53 McKay Robert Sr McKay Carl
    LI6.-1-55 McKay Robert Sr McKay Carl
    LI6.-1-58 Apter Semyon Simakovsky Ilya
    LI6.A-1-22.6 Klugman, Lewis & Rachelle
    LI6.A-1-22.11 Trautschold Michael
    LI6.A-1-22.15 Klugman Lewis KLUGMAN RACHELLE
    LI7.-3-6.1 Fiddle Joseph & Linda (Etal) Pepe & Bergenfeld
    LI7.-6-5.1 Behrend Julius
    LI8.-1-11.3 Kuplen Properties LLC
    LI8.-1-11.5 Kuplen Properties LLC
    LI8.-1-11.6 Kuplen Properties LLC
    LI8.-1-11.8 Kuplen Properties LLC
    LI8.-1-11.9 Kuplen Properties LLC
    LI8.-1-11.32 Kuplen Properties LLC
    LI8.-1-12.2 Kuplen Properties LLC
    LI8.-1-26.2 Jackson David
    LI8.-1-26.15 Castillo, Carmen; Gonzalez, Sixto; VanKirk, Kiley
    LI10.-1-8 Tuller, Lee Ann
    LI10.-1-23.9 Cruz Frank Daniel
    LI11.-2-7 Papapetru Peter (Etal) Panagioti & Ioannis Amaxas
    LI11.-2-8 Papapetru Peter (Etal) Panagioti & Ioannis Amaxas
    LI12.-1-18 Daytop Village Foundation Inc
    LI12.-1-19 Daytop Village Foundation Inc
    LI12.-1-37.3 Daytop Village Foundation Inc
    LI12.-1-37.4 382 Parksville Realty LLC
    LI12.-1-38.2 382 Parksville Realty LLC
    LI13.-1-32 Longobardi Castrese Longobardi, Carmela. Lucci
    LI13.-1-34.5 Dutcher Laurie A
    LI14.-1-2.7 Gecevic Alojzije
    LI14.-1-7.3 Rosch Robert Weston William
    LI14.-1-7.6 Masch, Julia
    LI14.-1-28.1 Hookumchand, Gabrielle
    LI16.-1-4.7 Giordano John & Leonora R.
    LI16.-1-4.8 Giordano John & Leonora R.
    LI16.-1-7.1 Wilbur Robert W & Cheryl L. Wilbur, Robert Edwin
    LI16.-1-10 Wilbur Robert & Cheryl
    LI16.-1-12.5 Tancredi Peter
    LI16.-1-12.7 Van Wagner William
    LI16.-1-22 Chung Young-Gi
    LI17.-1-8.7 Agrusa Salvatore (Etal) Vaccarella, Felicia
    LI18.-1-49.1 VanAlystyne Barbara
    LI20.-3-10 Olsen Howard C Anderson, Louise E.
    LI21.-5-2.2 Maccagli Arlene
    LI21.-5-3 Maccagli Arlene
    LI23.-1-34 Rodriguez-Molina Irma (Etal) Vives Eileen M. & Linda V.
    LI24.-1-36 NOYB, LLC
    LI26.-1-18 Ramirez, Edgar & Gismari Silva
    LI26.-1-25.17 Horizon 501 Holdings LLC
    LI26.-1-59 The Sullivan County Golf & Cou
    LI27.-1-3 Levy Edna & Isaac
    LI27.-3-7.1 Hodyno Rachael L
    LI28.-5-3 Green Harold
    LI29.-1-13.14 Gozza Ronald F
    LI29.-1-17.1 Castallano Ann Marie Castallano Stephanie
    LI29.-1-22 Khao & Yeshiva Oholei Shmuel
    LI29.-3-5 Crystal Creek Enterprises, LLC
    LI30.-1-28.7 Weitz Stuart
    LI30.-1-28.8 Weitz Stuart
    LI30.-1-28.9 Weitz Stuart
    LI30.-1-52.2 Ny Anita
    LI30.-1-57.2 Lewis Marcia O (Trust)
    LI30.-1-85.2 Gmach Beth Joel
    LI30.-1-87.6 Brown Arthur B
    LI31.-1-22.2 Huggler Linda L
    LI32.-2-7 Rosencranse Loren & Ruth
    LI32.-2-31.2 Castillo Laura
    LI32.-3-27 Nietzel, Edward J & Linda C
    LI35.-1-31.1 Atkins Douglas R & Jonathan
    LI35.-2-24 Sullivan Kenneth C
    LI35.D-2-9 Sanger Florence
    LI35.E-1-6 Dylan Patrick LLC
    LI35.E-1-12 Archdiocese Of New York
    LI36.-1-39 Brothers Bungalow Colony Inc
    LI36.-1-42.2 Windmill Consultant and Dev LL
    LI36.-1-74.4 Flohr Moishe (Etal) Flohr, Isaac & Shoshana
    LI36.-1-76.1 Flohr Moishe (Etal) Flohr, Isaac & Shoshana
    LI36.-1-82 Stokes Gregory A
    LI36.-1-83.1 Prutch Toni E & Cavender Dan A
    LI36.-1-105 Angwenyi Charles
    LI36.-1-106 Angwenyi Charles
    LI36.-1-107 Angwenyi Charles
    LI36.-1-148 Ravitz Elimelech
    LI36.-1-149 Ravitz Elimelech
    LI37.-1-28 Wodkiewicz Arkadiusz US Bank Trust
    LI37.-1-36.2 Wodkiewicz Arkadiusz US Bank Trust
    LI37.-1-67.7 Allegretta Joseph & Clair
    LI38.-1-17 Cobert Brad (Etal) Cobert, Eva & Marc
    LI39.-1-17.4 Laufer Herman
    LI39.-1-28.6 Distler Kenneth J
    LI40.-1-13 5143 Swan Lake Corp
    LI41.-1-16.22 Mattison Ronald
    LI42.-1-28.4 Mattingly Sarah Trust
    LI42.-1-28.5 Mattingly Sarah Trust
    LI43.-1-9 Clark Paula
    LI44.-1-25.3 Double G Homes Inc
    LI44.-1-74 Sussman Allan Shafran Elaine
    LI45.-1-11.2 Hughes Ignatius
    LI46.-1-19.1 Matthews Elliott & Beverly
    LI46.-1-25.5 Davis Jeffrey & Kim
    LI46.-1-25.6 Ravitz Elimelech
    LI46.-1-25.8 Swan Lake Gardens LLC
    LI46.-1-25.12 Swan Lake Gardens LLC
    LI46.-1-25.21 Gordon Alson & Yvonne
    LI46.-1-27 Hopkins Matthew
    LI46.-1-41 Mermelstein Leonard
    LI46.-1-43.4 Frank Yehuda & Jacob
    LI46.-1-51 MYM Swan Lake LLC
    LI46.-1-53.2 Swan Lake Garden II LLC .
    LI46.A-2-42 Perrelli Nichola & Kathleen
    LI47.-3-2./0901 Ausch Aaron & Chaya
    LI47.-3-2./1001 Gross, Sye & Goldie
    LI47.-3-2./1201 Teitelabum, Leibish
    LI47.-3-2./1401 Tropp, Udy
    LI47.-4-1 Swan Lake Gardens II LLC
    LI47.-4-2 Swan Lake Gardens II LLC
    LI47.-5-11 Swan Lake Gardens II LLC
    LI48.-1-12 Finkel Henry
    LI48.-2-15.14 Bak Hanna Klys, Janusz
    LI101.-1-12 M & J Supper Management LLC
    LI101.-1-15 Pieradane Development, LLC
    LI101.-1-29 Pieradane Development, LLC
    LI101.-2-3 Caputo Teresa
    LI101.-2-25 Mills Wayne & Debra
    LI102.-5-3 Olsen Howard C Anderson Louise E.
    LI102.-7-6 Dwyer Avenue Corp
    LI102.-7-13 Meyer Aaron
    LI104.-1-19 Sullivan Kenneth C
    LI104.-2-7 Deleon Properties Incorporated
    LI104.-2-24.1 Deleon Properties, Incorporate
    LI104.-3-2 Parker Andrea
    LI104.-6-14 Stoddard William H Jr & Joan M
    LI104.-7-7 Ackerley Joy A
    LI104.-8-13 SS Liberty Realty Inc
    LI104.-10-1 Dainack Body Shop Inc
    LI105.-6-9 Neversink, LLC
    LI105.-7-11 Barbanti Etta
    LI106.-1-11.1 Torres Jesus & Gloria M.
    LI107.-1-10 Stokes Gregory
    LI107.-3-14 Nicosia Kenneth V Sr
    LI107.-3-29 Patterson Ison & Joan C.
    LI107.-3-31 Alvarado Rosalia
    LI108.-5-5 Pankonin, Edward P & Nora E
    LI108.-5-9 Lainez-Saravia Ana B
    LI108.-6-21 Palaguachi Manuel J Cordero Carmen P
    LI108.-9-5 Main Street Liberty LLC
    LI108.-10-1 Hamilton Stephen
    LI108.-10-12 Stipek Sandra & Libor
    LI109.-2-6 Amira, Okelly
    LI110.-3-6 Green Harold
    LI110.-3-16 Jean-Paul Perrault
    LI110.-3-21 S & N Real Estate Holding Corp
    LI110.-3-22 S & N Real Estate Holding Corp
    LI110.-3-23 S & N Real Estate Holding Corp
    LI110.-3-24 S & N Real Estate Holding Corp
    LI111.-1-1 S & N Real Esate Holding Corp
    LI111.-1-2 S & N Real Estate Holding Corp
    LI111.-1-40.1 Villalobos Ramonita
    LI112.-3-3 Kavazovic Eto Refik & Rifat
    LI112.-3-10 M & J Supper Management LLC
    LI112.-4-1 Basic Denis
    LI112.-4-15 Normile James M
    LI112.-7-1 Carmel Springs LTD
    LI112.-7-21 Cortes Roger
    LI112.-7-23.1 Mannino Vito
    LI112.-7-23.2 Mannino Vito
    LI114.-2-5.3 Srdanovic Enisa
    LI114.-2-13 Jean-Paul Perrault
    LI114.-2-19.1 Ross Industries Inc
    LI114.-2-19.3 Ross Industries Inc
    LI114.-3-2 Weitz Stuart
    LI114.-3-20 Grimball Ricardo
    LI114.-4-1 M & J Supper Management LLC
    LI115.-1-2 Sinda Ritta
    LI115.-1-3 Upstate Prime Properties
    LI115.-1-10 Kraus Jonah
    LI115.-4-3 Normile James M
    LI116.-1-2 Peters John
    LI117.-1-8.1 Clarke Louis
    LI117.-1-27.1 Deck John C
    LI117.-3-9 Benadim Abdelaziz Washington Ureka
    LI117.-3-11 Kamal Vahid
    LI118.-1-8.1 Case Craig C
    LI126.-1-16 Laufer Herman
    Town of Lumberland
    LU3.E-1-5 W C P G Inc
    LU3.E-1-7 W C P G Inc
    LU3.E-1-9 Gurda Michael A Jr
    LU3.E-1-11 Gurda Michael
    LU3.E-1-13 Gurda Michael A
    LU3.E-1-24 Gurda Michael A
    LU3.E-1-25.1 W C P G Inc
    LU3.E-1-38 W C P G Inc
    LU3.E-1-43 W C P G Inc
    LU3.F-1-15 Fischer Vincenza
    LU3.F-1-16.1 New Horizon Building & Design
    LU3.F-1-16.2 New Horizon Building & Design
    LU3.F-1-16.3 New Horizon Building & Design
    LU3.F-1-16.4 New Horizon Building & Design
    LU3.F-1-16.5 New Horizon Building & Design
    LU3.F-1-16.6 New Horizon Building & Design
    LU3.F-1-16.7 New Horizon Building & Design
    LU3.F-1-16.8 New Horizon Building & Design
    LU4.-1-1.2 W C P G Inc
    LU4.-2-1 W C P G Inc
    LU4.-2-5 W C P G Inc
    LU5.-1-1 W C P G Inc
    LU5.-1-2 Gale Michael S Soro Jo Ann L
    LU5.-2-1 W C P G Inc
    LU5.-2-10 Gregg Thomas
    LU5.-2-19 W C P G Inc
    LU5.-3-31 Gale Michael S & Soro JoAnn L
    LU5.-10-11 Dibble Charles & Jacqueline
    LU5.-11-9 Eelen Robert R & Edna
    LU6.-7-20 Luna, Maria Del Carmen
    LU7.-6-1 Lybolt Mildred Lybolt, Robert D.
    LU7.-9-12 DiRese, Dominick
    LU7.-9-23 DiRese, Dominick
    LU8.-1-44 Kostin Feodor & Tatiana Golovchenko, Sinaida
    LU11.-1-1.1 Chujko Serafin F & Nadia S
    LU11.-1-38 Ingmar Realty LLC
    LU11.-1-40.5 Caston, Stephen M
    LU11.-1-47 Sorace Anthony A
    LU14.-1-15.2 Leszezuk Maciej & Kataryna
    LU14.-1-53.1 Best Geoffry D C & Suzanne
    LU14.-1-78.20 Matiash William B
    LU14.-1-80.24 Jurcewicz Katerina
    LU15.-1-12.9 New York Dressage, LTD
    LU15.-1-52 Maralian Frederick M
    LU16.A-1-59.1 Lepore John
    LU18.-2-3 Sarna Zbigniew
    LU18.-2-4 Sarna Zbigniew
    LU19.-1-10 Kapczak Stephen J
    LU19.-1-37.3 Kapczak Steven J
    LU21.-1-41 Horizon 501 Holdings, LLC
    LU21.-1-62 Fredericks Jeffrey
    LU21.A-1-1.1 Horizon 501 Holdings LLC
    LU21.A-1-1.2 Horizon 501 Holdings LLC
    LU21.A-1-2.1 Salamin Andrew Eric Robles
    LU21.A-1-36 Suchodoliw Maria
    LU21.A-1-39 Horizon 501 Holdings LLC
    LU21.A-1-41 Horizon 501 Holdings LLC
    LU21.A-1-46 Horizon 501 Holdings LLC
    LU22.-4-13 Masnyj, Daniel
    LU23.-1-3.30 Nocha Henry C & Elsa I.
    LU23.-1-3.32 Marsh Robert
    LU24.-1-2.7 Datys Kathleen
    LU24.-1-38 Dunn Bruce C & Patricia
    LU26.-1-31.1 Vakkas James & Ernest
    LU27.-1-6 Frauenhoff William H Jones Karen F
    LU29.-1-6.3 Lumberland Inc.
    LU29.-1-20 Moreno Daniel R
    LU29.-1-23 Moreno Daniel R
    Town of Mamakating
    MA1.-1-5.1 Congregation Khal Chasidei Skwera Inc.
    MA1.-1-7 Baczynsky, Martha & Kdikian, Ishak
    MA1.-1-29 Congregation Khal Chasidei Skwera Inc.
    MA2.-1-37 Ulster Mountain LLC
    MA2.-1-38 Ulster Mountain LLC
    MA2.-1-44.1 Ahavas Chaverim Gemilas Chesed
    MA2.-1-45 Ulster River LLC
    MA2.-1-63.1 Aiello Larry McErlean, Robert
    MA2.-1-63.10 Aiello Larry McErlean, Robert
    MA3.-4-1.1 Long Jennifer
    MA6.-1-18.2 Carpentier Richard & Ruth
    MA7.-1-35 Jean Paul Perrault
    MA7.-1-39.4 Maxwell Anita
    MA7.-1-58.6 Pizarro Jose M & Mirtha
    MA9.-1-1 Kapelow Lillian
    MA9.-1-2 Gallina Richard & Nicole M.
    MA9.A-2-9 Spoto Joseph
    MA9.A-3-7 Snowden Marcus Schnitzer Elisabeth C
    MA9.B-2-3 Spoto Joseph
    MA9.C-6-2 Spoto Joseph
    MA10.-1-39 Smith Donald Jr
    MA11.-3-2 Jean Paul Perrault
    MA11.-15-2.1 Gladstone, Joseph & Lucia
    MA11.-15-6.1 Resnick Revocable Trust
    MA12.-1-1.3 Anita H Penino Irrev Trust Pennino Anita H. Living Trust
    MA13.-3-9.1 Exclusive Holdings LLC
    MA13.-3-11 Salatino Alfred
    MA14.-1-18 Marino Peter & Nicholas
    MA14.-1-22.2 Timberline Camplands Assoc Inc
    MA14.-1-32.6 The Turning Point Church
    MA15.-1-6.5 Tsoucalas, George Thomas
    MA15.-1-10.4 Spoto Christopher & ETAL
    MA15.-1-10.6 Spoto Richard & ETAL
    MA15.-1-11.4 Spoto Christopher & Etal
    MA15.-1-11.6 Spoto Richard
    MA16.-1-7.2 Mann Gary & Kim
    MA17.-4-2.1 Candela Donald & Etta
    MA17.-5-7 Lema John Castro
    MA18.-1-15.2 Cipriano Barbara
    MA19.-1-10 Cardino Joseph
    MA19.-1-16.2 Brennan George C & Barbara A.
    MA19.-1-16.42 Brennan George C & Barbara A.
    MA19.-1-26.1 Cardino Maria
    MA19.-1-27.1 Cardino Maria
    MA20.-1-26 Padgett Estate James H
    MA21.A-1-1 Once New Antiques LLC
    MA21.A-2-1 Once New Antiques LLC
    MA21.A-3-1 Once New Antiques LLC
    MA21.A-4-1 Once New Antiques LLC
    MA21.A-5-4.1 T A D Trucking Inc
    MA21.A-5-7 Once New Antiques LLC
    MA21.A-6-3 Qeliqi Isuf & Feue
    MA23.-1-2.9 Kim Jane H
    MA23.-1-13.1 Spoto Joseph
    MA23.-1-82 Brown Carl C
    MA24.-1-18 Milberg David & Fannie
    MA24.-1-40 Starobin, Michael R & Donna M
    MA24.-1-41 Starobin, Michael & Donna
    MA25.-1-2 Kapelow Lillian
    MA26.-1-14.1 Bodner Gerald A
    MA26.-1-14.2 Bodner Gerald A
    MA26.-1-16 Rieber Keith
    MA27.-1-69.2 Burlingham Woods LLC
    MA27.-1-71 Burlingham Woods LLC
    MA27.-1-72.3 Hurst Jeffrey M
    MA27.-1-79.1 Smith Henry F III
    MA27.-2-20.1 Martin Beverly Louise Edic Belinda Lee
    MA27.-2-72.2 Boyce Reginald & Melissa A.
    MA28.-4-1.2 Diaz Ralph & Eva
    MA28.-5-7.2 Danisewicz Marian & Barbara
    MA28.-6-3 Magiera Barbara LaGala, Matthew
    MA29.-1-37 Gamble Heidi J.M.
    MA29.-2-1.10 Friedel Marie
    MA29.-2-5 Dolan James M
    MA29.A-1-44 Normile James M
    MA29.A-1-45 Normile, James M
    MA31.-2-1 Diamond Irma
    MA31.-2-4 Diamond Irma
    MA32.-1-3.1 Lynch Christopher & Betty A.
    MA32.-6-15 Fassell Thomas J & Heather L.
    MA32.-8-11.1 Lynch Christopher & Betty A.
    MA34.-2-2 Beckmann Dennis
    MA34.-5-2 Tappan Willaim Jr
    MA34.-5-3 Tappan William Jr
    MA34.-10-8 Jean-Paul Perrault
    MA34.-18-7 Cabrera Sara & Orlando
    MA35.-7-18 Jean-Paul Perrault
    MA35.-11-5 Bosco Sebastiano
    MA35.-11-6 Estevez Vincent Stimus, Andrew F
    MA37.-1-13 Yao Ho Chu
    MA38.-6-2 Foster Daniel A
    MA38.-7-4 Tsoucalas James Tsoucalas Everett
    MA38-12-2.2 Tsoucalas, Everett
    MA38.-12-3 Tsoucalas, Everett
    MA38.-15-1 Sywyk Nicholas
    MA39.-2-5 Kessler Felix
    MA39.-6-4 Brunner Maria K & Eichner, Catherine
    MA39.-11-11 Gomm Frederick L
    MA39.-13-1 Eichner, Catherine & Coiro, Helga
    MA39.-14-1 Gomm Frederick L
    MA39.-14-6 Tsoucalas, James Tsoucalas, Everett
    MA39.-15-8 DePalma, Ralph & Sheila
    MA39.-17-5 Tsoucalas James Tsoucalas Everett
    MA39.-17-7 Tsoucalas James Tsoucalas Everett
    MA39.-18-2 Normile James M
    MA39.-18-5 Normile James M
    MA39.-18-6 Eichner Catherine Coiro, Helga
    MA39.-20-2.1 Eichner Catherine Coiro, Helga
    MA39.-20-2.3 Eichner Catherine Coiro, Helga
    MA40.-4-7 Louise Competello Living Trust Competello Louise
    MA40.-6-4 McArdle James P
    MA40.-11-1.2 Luft Richard
    MA40.-14-3 Miano Pamela J
    MA40.-16-1 Kartalyan Aret
    MA40.-18-1 Tsoucalas Everett C
    MA40.-20-5 Kartalyan Aret
    MA40.-27-2 Sheri Margaret Elliott Elliott, Peter R. & Whitney, E
    MA41.-1-3 Serina Gustavo & Reinaldo Moreno, Virgilio
    MA41.-1-9 Ciner, William J
    MA41.-11-5 White Paul
    MA41.-11-6 Tsoucalas Mary Tsoucalas, Everett
    MA41.-11-7 Tsoucalas, Everett Tsoucalas Mary
    MA41.-11-8 Tsoucalas, Everett Tsoucalas Mary
    MA41.-12-5 Shupe William
    MA41.-12-6 Shupe William
    MA41.-12-7.1 Tsoucalas Everett Tsoucalas Mary
    MA41.-12-8 Tsoucalas Everett Tsoucalas Mary
    MA41.-14-6 Potesta Anthony
    MA41.-15-3 Tsoucalas James Tsoucalas Everett
    MA41.-15-4 Mc Crea Gerard & Colleen
    MA41.-17-6 Di Marco Moreno
    MA41.-19-1 Tsoucalas Mary
    MA41.-19-4 Porter William L
    MA41.-21-8 French Teresa M
    MA41.-22-8 DiBona Robert
    MA41.-24-7 Tsoucalas, Everett
    MA41.-24-8 Tsoucalas Everett C
    MA41.-24-9 Tsoucalas Everett
    MA42.-4-1 Qualikraft Homes Inc
    MA42.-9-1 Raskin Sheldon
    MA42.-9-6 Tsoucalas George D Tsoucalas Everett
    MA42.-9-7 Tsoucalas George D Tsoucalas Everett
    MA42.-9-8.3 Tsoucalas George D Tsoucalas Everett
    MA42.-15-2.2 Groom James Alan
    MA42.-20-4 Jaiyebo Omotola
    MA42.-20-5 Jaiyebo Omotola
    MA43.-3-7 Tobon Martin F Garzon Saul
    MA46.-1-95 Kapelow L
    MA46.-2-12.2 Montanye Christopher Montanye, Tinamay L.
    MA46.-2-27.1 Cook Patricia & Rollin B
    MA46.-2-43 Rios Luis
    MA46.-2-89 Soltysiak Laura Warf
    MA46.-3-2 Winterton Properties LLC
    MA47.-1-12 Goodman Peter & Elizabeth
    MA47.-1-15 Goodman Peter & Elizabeth
    MA47.-1-16 Goodman Peter & Elizabeth
    MA47.-1-79 Ganzer Frederick
    MA49.-1-23 Sullivan Farms IV LLC
    MA50.-1-6.6 Carson Thomas W
    MA50.-1-16.6 Normile James M
    MA50.-1-62.2 Wilson Gary A & Helen S.
    MA51.-2-5 Barnao David
    MA51.-3-2 Shorten John
    MA53.-1-12 Mullen Frances & Michael
    MA53.-1-13.5 Dailey Agnes
    MA53.-1-28 Wilson Eleanor
    MA53.-1-34.42 Berman Robert & Maryanne
    MA55.-3-3.1 Daniells Michael & Kathleen
    MA55.-3-5 Martello Sisto & Toniann
    MA56.-1-53.1 Ganzer Frederick C Jr & St.
    MA56.-1-54 Ganzer Louise
    MA56.-1-55.2 Jean-Paul Perrault
    MA56.-1-55.3 Jean-Paul Perrault
    MA56.-1-56 Jean-Paul Perrault
    MA57.-2-5.2 Baczynskyj Martha Juliana
    MA57.-2-8 Baczynskyj Martha
    MA57.-2-11 Baczynskyj Martha J
    MA57.-8-1.1 Cuneo John & Millicent
    MA57.-13-7 Ham Gustavo & Shannon
    MA57.-18-5 Brundage Jeffry S
    MA57.-18-6 Brundage Jeffry S
    MA59.A-1-24.2 McDermott Daniel Linda
    MA62.-1-18.1 Labuda Frank J & Kathleen
    MA62.-1-19 Mann Gary
    MA64.-1-14.1 Besson Steven
    MA64.-1-87.6 Kwon Young D & Eun Jae
    MA65.-1-8 Ackerman Peter S
    MA66.-1-4.2 Bashakill Recycling Inc
    MA66.-1-4.5 Acosta Luis
    MA66.-1-5 Mann Gary & Kim
    MA66.-1-16 Halstead Charles Estate
    MA66.-1-21 Low Annabel
    MA66.-1-23 Jaekel Barbara
    MA67.-1-3.5 Porth Jason M
    MA67.-1-6.3 Austin-Poindexter Loretta Poindexter William M.
    MA68.-1-26.3 Feola Gary
    MA68.-1-30.1 Mountain Road Preserve LLC
    MA68.-1-85 Caroccio Glenn
    MA68.-1-96 Lattan Gail
    MA70.-1-33.2 Iecampo Marc J. & Craig Hanlon, Elizabeth
    MA70.A-3-4 Qualikraft Homes Inc
    MA70.A-3-7 Geary Florence M & Donald W Geary William K.
    MA71.-1-1.1 Taveras Lazaro & Jennifer C.
    MA71.-1-6 Searles - Spicer Trust Kathleen & Charles Trustees
    MA71.-1-37.2 Natiello Frank III
    MA71.-1-37.3 Natiello Frank III .
    MA71.-1-37.4 Natiello Frank III
    MA72.-1-1.1 Seven Peaks LLC
    MA73.-1-6.1 Costea Dimitru Rea Barbara
    MA73.-1-6.2 Costea Dimitru Rea Barbara
    MA74.-1-1.7 Wantje Gregg
    MA77.-1-42.3 Yao Ho Chu
    MA77.-1-58 Jean - Paul Perrault
    MA102.-1-19.6 Capizzi Vincent & Diane
    MA102.-1-19.15 Capizzi Vincent & Diane
    MA103.A-2-12 Russo Marc
    MA105.-1-19 DiMartino, Jos & Darlene
    MA106.-1-11.1 Russo Joseph J Buckstad Tara
    MA106.-2-6 Sullivan Street Redevelopment
    MA106.-3-9 Srdanovic Refat
    MA106.-9-8 May Sharon
    MA110.-1-1.1 Sullivan Farms IV LLC
    MA110.-1-1.2 Sullivan Farms IV LLC
    MA110.-1-1.3 Sullivan Farms IV LLC
    MA111.-1-3 Handford Stephen F
    MA111.-1-4.1 Kaufman Farms LLC
    MA201.-3-8 Rios Luis
    MA201.-4-9 Bello Virginia BELLO JESSE
    MA202.-1-6 Kelly Mildred & Brad Baker Charlotte
    MA205.-1-5.1 Maple Garden Properties LLC
    MA205.B-32-1 Sullivan Farms II Inc
    MA205.B-32-2 Sullivan Farms II Inc
    MA205.B-32-3 Sullivan Farms II Inc
    Town of Neversink
    NE3.-1-15.4 Delozier Morton & Valerie
    NE3.-1-15.5 Delozier Valerie A & Morton
    NE3.-1-18.1 Nicoletti, Frank M.
    NE7.-1-30.7 All Seasons Sportsmen's Club
    NE7.-1-30.8 Vitola Peter
    NE7.-1-30.10 All Season's Sportsmen's Club
    NE8.-1-6.1 Budnik Aaron
    NE12.-1-27.1 Brenner William A
    NE12.-1-27.2 Brenner William A
    NE12.-1-28 Brenner William A
    NE18.-1-31 Brenner, Gregory F
    NE18.-1-32 Sheley Linda G
    NE25.-1-41 Dugan Timothy
    NE25.-1-53.1 Akerley Robert Gloor, Lulabelle
    NE26.-1-43 Meachum, Jeremiah
    NE28.-1-11 Phillips Kenneth B Jr.
    NE28.-1-15.7 Palmer James & Eugene
    NE30.-1-8 Curry Trudy D Trudy Unger
    NE30.-1-11.3 Poley Thomas H & Shirley M.
    NE36.-1-5 Pu Jian
    NE36.-1-19.7 Pu Jian
    NE38.-1-11 Carroll Kevin & Christa
    NE38.-1-17 Sullivan Kenneth C
    NE38.-3-6 Smith Lonnie J Jr
    NE38.-3-7 Smith Lonnie J Jr.
    NE38.-3-17 Foster Daniel A
    NE38.-5-10 Brookside Realty Mgn LLC
    NE39.-3-4 Pu Jian
    NE42.-1-18.2 Bertholf Marvin Jr & Ellen M.
    NE44.-1-1.19 Phelps William
    NE44.-1-2.18 Conklin Howard & Nancy
    Town of Rockland
    RO3.-1-12.1 Vannalts Grace D
    RO6.-1-25.2 D. Parker Contracting, LLC
    RO10.-1-33 Axamethy Jane
    RO12.-1-38.2 Wiggs, Scott & Heidi
    RO16.-1-2 Hodge Alice J Hodge Russell A Trustee
    RO17.-1-29.1 Trinagel Michael & Elena
    RO18.-1-4.36 Goldberg Marvin I
    RO18.-1-13.13 Severing Patrick M Sr
    RO18.-1-13.19 Severing Patrick M Sr
    RO21.-1-9.3 Edwards Henry G
    RO21.-1-20 Edwards Henry G
    RO22.-2-12 Smith, Lonnie J Jr
    RO23.-1-19.4 Hetterich Cecilia M & Michael
    RO23.-2-4 Barnes Richard
    RO25.-1-25.2 Goldberg Marvin I
    RO25.-1-31 Pierpoint Matthew Pierpoint, Michael
    RO25.-1-40 Pierpoint Matthew Pierpoint, Michael
    RO26.-1-2.1 Blue Wind Nature Camp, Inc.
    RO26.-1-13.1 Welter Leonard J & Mary C.
    RO26.-1-17 Colletti Edna Wood, Alice
    RO26.-1-25.2 A & C Realty Corp. of Sullivan
    RO26.-1-28 Tuttle Donald
    RO26.-1-41.5 Fiddle, Frederick Sean & Lori Marie
    RO28.A-1-22 Markowski Tomasz & Monika
    RO28.A-1-23 Markowski Tomasz & Monika
    RO30.-1-1 Flynn Robert E
    RO36.-4-11 Maus Kathyrn T
    RO37.-1-30.7 Cuttler Tinker William
    RO37.-1-66.1 Rizzo, Alejandro
    RO37.-1-67 Djokaj Eljez Lekic, Ismeta; Gjokaj Azemina
    RO38.-1-30.3 Lainez-Saravia, ANA Beatriz
    RO38.-1-32 Lainez-Saravia Ana Beatriz
    RO39.-3-7 Sherwood Thomas J & Adrianna
    RO39.-3-17 Kurpil Michael A
    RO43.-1-16.4 Auld Loren D
    RO46.-1-6 Dube Stacie L
    RO46.-1-16.1 Dertinger William & Nicloe
    RO47.-1-6 Sarles Robert Sarles, Alice & William
    RO47.-1-27 Weickum Charles J Jr & Patti J
    RO48.-4-5 Roser Daniel C
    RO48.-5-6 Gulley Doreen
    RO48.-13-11 Roser Daniel C & Jadine K.
    RO49.-3-5 Sasy Mordechay
    RO49.-4-1 Misner David A & Shelly J.
    RO50.-1-24 Kennedy, Thomas, John Kennedy, James; Bodan Catherin
    RO51.-2-4.1 Santiago, Frances & Lewis Darryl
    RO51.-4-1 Del Favero Thomas H & Richard
    RO51.-6-2 Vilela Michael & Crystal
    Town of Thompson
    TH1.-1-13.13 Davis Martin
    TH1.-1-37 Nurbhai Scherie
    TH1.-1-39 Fagan, Roger A. & Constance
    TH1.-1-57.2 Carr Road Holdings LLC
    TH1.-1-58.1 Khanam Fozia
    TH1.-1-58.2 Edelglass, Darrin & Harvey
    TH1.-1-61.9 Watson Linda J Estate of Willie O. Watson
    TH1.-1-66 Fagan Roger A & Constance
    TH2.-1-30.2 Murray Joseph D In trust for....Etal
    TH2.-1-30.3 Murray Joseph
    TH2.-1-30.4 Murray Joseph D & Cynthya
    TH2.-1-43 Crawford Robert W. Gross, Mark & Rachel
    TH2.-1-51.1 Greenberg Rose Glozer, Irene B. & Jacob
    TH3.-1-12 Congregation Machne Ger
    TH3.-1-31 Masha Gail
    TH4.-1-46 870 Old Route 17, LLC
    TH4.-1-74 Garcia, Miguel & Glorybi
    TH4.-1-99 Kateri LLC
    TH5.-1-6.11 Kapelow, Lillian
    TH5.-1-6.12 Kapelow, Lillian
    TH5.A-2-67 Rosenberg Samuel & Marilyn
    TH6.A-1-23 Katz Laizer & Esther
    TH7.-1-12.2 Gonzalez Iris
    TH7.A-1-68 Klein Bernard & Myrna
    TH8.-1-29 Fraser Lake LLC
    TH8.-1-32 Fraser Estates, LLC
    TH8.A-1-35 Brown Nancy
    TH9.-1-62.4 Wasilewicz, Jan
    TH9.A-3-9 Shiner Larry & Michael
    TH9.B-1-33 Decker Amanda
    TH9.B-1-34 Narcisse Mercedes
    TH9.B-1-37 Toussaint, Harry & Chantal
    TH9.C-30-1 Waichman Martin & Caryn
    TH9.E-15-1 Winer Jay
    TH10.-1-5 Tree Of Life Associates
    TH11.-1-4 Cohen Mildred
    TH11.-1-13.5 McCormick James J & Linda M.
    TH11.-1-23 Kapelow, Michael
    TH11.-1-24.21 Kinne, Jame R
    TH11.-1-24.22 Kinne, James R.
    TH11.-1-38.2 M'Kor Boruch
    TH11.-1-39.4 Kornreich Harry
    TH11.-1-43.1 Kapelow, Michael
    TH12.-1-60.5 Dorman Roy
    TH13.-1-19./0101 Korn Jacob & Sima
    TH13.-3-38.5 Banta George E
    TH13.-5-2 Decker Kenneth & Lisa
    TH13.-5-3 SLNZ Corp.
    TH13.-5-4.4 Kateri LLC
    TH15.-1-10 FJM Properties LLC
    TH16.-1-5.1 United Bobov International
    TH16.-1-21.2 Ranch Road House
    TH16.-1-36 Fernandez Juan
    TH16.-1-37.2 Givat Shalom, LLC
    TH17.-1-3 Kapelow, Lillian
    TH17.-1-4 Kapelow, Lillian
    TH17.-1-5 Kapelow, Lillian
    TH17.-1-6 Kapelow, Lillian
    TH19.-3-1 Shin Sanda Moses John H.
    TH20.-2-9 Cucuta Trade Inn
    TH20.-4-6 Drain, Danny
    TH22.-3-3 Branna Jimmy Branna Jeffrey & Elizabeth
    TH22.-3-10 Cutler Charles & Rose
    TH22.-3-13 Foster Daniel A
    TH23.-1-19 Yeshiva Beth Joseph Zvi Dushinsky
    TH24.-1-54.1 Bellantoni Laura B Shapiro, Rachel & Burday Sabri
    TH25.-1-38.22 Flynn Joseph M & Kathleen
    TH25.-1-45.62 Salome Joseph & Denise
    TH26.-1-2.1 Jake Rieber Holding
    TH26.-1-2.3 Jake Rieber Holding
    TH27.-1-28.28 Azzopardi Joseph
    TH28.-1-4.13 M R Realty Group Corp
    TH28.-1-4.17 Goldstein Burton S
    TH28.-1-4.19 Goldstein Burton S
    TH28.-1-4.22 Goldstein Burton S
    TH28.-1-4.41 M R Realty Group Corp
    TH28.-1-7.27 Davidson Judith
    TH28.-1-11 Empire Estates of Monticello LLC
    TH29.-1-20.2/1501 Piekarski Ephraim & Devora
    TH30.-1-7 Massave Jila
    TH30.-1-13 Kowalczyk Joseph
    TH32.-2-8.2 135 Bowery LLC
    TH32.-2-17 Hilario Juan & Carmen
    TH32.-2-19 Snow-Quad Inc
    TH32.-2-38.2 Trans Direct Service Inc
    TH32.-2-67.1 Rieber Sean M & Nicole M.
    TH32.-2-79.2 Rieber Sean RIEBER NICOLE
    TH32.-2-96 Goodin, John O
    TH33.-1-2 Pucino Richard W Jr
    TH37.-4-24 Zampelli Matthew A
    TH38.-5-5 Lounsbury Mark & Ann H.
    TH41.-1-2.31 Tsirkas Fotini
    TH41.-1-39.4 Kateri, LLC
    TH41.-1-39.5 Kateri LLC
    TH42.-4-1.21 Mugerman Florentina
    TH42.-4-1.27 Mugerman Florentina
    TH43.-1-36 Wohl Realty Corp
    TH43.-1-48.3 Stillwater Recovery, LLC
    TH45.-1-29 Congregation and Yeshiva Mivtzar Hatorah
    TH45.-5-10.1 Hoffman, Pauline
    TH45.-5-10.2 Asman, Ruth & Gerald Hoffman Trust
    TH46.-7-2 Wallace Hugh M
    TH49.-1-16.1 Price Edwin W Jr & Gale E.
    TH50.-1-1.11 Crawford Mark & Christina
    TH50.-1-1.14 Dubovici Ioan & Camelia
    TH50.-1-8.1 The Southwoods Trust Grunberger Trustee, Zlaty
    TH50.-1-8.8 Grunberger Trust, Zlaty Southwoods Trust
    TH50.-1-48 Katz Lawrence Katz Elizabeth A
    TH51.-1-17 Letts Ian Michael
    TH51.A-1-25 Muller, Mary Lou
    TH51.A-1-28 Kelly Carlton
    TH52.B-1-24 Werner Kenneth S & Tammy
    TH52.B-1-25 Goldberg Darren & Meredith
    TH52.C-1-2 Kateri LLC
    TH52.C-1-17 Fanslau David & Frances
    TH52.D-1-8 DSE Enterprises, LLC
    TH52.E-1-13 Silverman Howard
    TH52.E-1-14 Kutner Kenneth & Lorraine
    TH52.H-4-21 Sobol Stewart
    TH52.H-5-11 Pensco Trust Company, LLC
    TH52.H-5-12 Pensco Trust Company, LLC
    TH52.H-5-19 Pensco Trust Company, LLC
    TH52.I-1-12 Lake Louise Inc
    TH52.I-4-14 Alatsas George
    TH52.K-2-13 Martinucci John
    TH52.K-3-17 Brogna Pat
    TH52.M-1-7 Tayar Roberta
    TH52.M-1-15 Kapelow, Lillian
    TH52.M-1-35 Normile, James M.
    TH52.M-1-36 Normile, James M.
    TH52.M-1-38 Kapelow, Michael
    TH52.M-3-1 Kapelow, Lillian
    TH52.M-3-21 Kelly John R
    TH52.M-4-12 Schisler Lori & Dylan S
    TH52.P-4-1 Talerico Dr. Henry & Marilyn
    TH52.P-4-4 Kateri LLC
    TH52.P-5-10 Alatsas George & Annmarie
    TH52.S-1-7 Langer Beatrice
    TH52.T-1-18 Bayani Benjamin P
    TH52.V-3-15 Ronstein Construction Corp
    TH54.-1-5 App, Matthew & Genevieve
    TH55.-3-10 Tanzman, Mark
    TH56.-1-4.11 Boager Corrado C & Barbara
    TH56.-1-4.17 Kapelow, Michael
    TH56.-1-4.20 Ross Vincent
    TH56.-1-4.33 Burnt Meadow, LLC
    TH56.-1-46.4 Kitov Properties Inc.
    TH56.-1-46.5 Kitov Properties Inc.
    TH57.-4-11 Jong Ellen Brannan Eddie
    TH57.-5-10 Croissant William T
    TH58.-3-8 Kapelow, Michael
    TH62.-1-10.2 Abuzahrieh Husam
    TH62.-2-1.1 Casto Luigi
    TH62.-4-8.2 Castillo Laura
    TH62.-5-1 Casto Luigi
    TH62.-8-6.3 Othitis Mihail & Susan
    TH63.-1-4.10 Snowden John & James
    TH63.-1-11.2 Fodor Glenn & Mary
    TH63.-1-12.1 Vairo Robert
    TH63.-1-12.2 Fodor Glenn
    TH63.-1-36 Castano Julio Trinidad Brunilda
    TH66.-15-1.1 Erickson Robert J Aigotti Patricia
    TH66.-17-16 Hess Richard L & Nancy R.
    TH104.-2-4 Kapelow Lillian
    TH105.-3-1 Kapelow Lillian
    TH105.-3-2.1 Kaplow, Lillian
    TH105.-5-1.34 Monticello Associates
    TH106.-4-13 Kapelow, Lillian
    TH106.-4-18 Foglia Angelo & Carmela
    TH106.-4-21 Sabatino, Charles
    TH106.-4-22 Sabatino, Charles
    TH106.-4-30 Cottage St. Developers Group
    TH106.-4-31 Noticias Del Condado, Inc
    TH107.-2-1 Hendershot Louis M
    TH109.-1-11 Narayan Inn Corp
    TH109.-1-14 PF Jefferson Holdings, LLC
    TH109.-1-15 PF Jefferson Holdings, LLC
    TH109.-1-16.1 PF Jefferson Holdings, LLC
    TH109.-1-26 PF Jefferson Holdings, LLC
    TH109.A-2-5.14 Stalter Charles T IV & Melissa
    TH109.A-2-5.15 Stalter Charles T IV & Melissa
    TH109.A-2-5.23 Zwerlein Frank C
    TH109.A-2-5.24 Kapelow, Lillian
    TH109.A-2-5.27 Green Clyde .
    TH109.A-2-11./0204 Mcleod Christopher J MCLEOD JOANN B
    TH109.A-2-11./0702 Evans Garry & Nancy
    TH110.-1-7 Mahmutovic, Enve & Trbovic, Mirsada
    TH110.-2-3 Kapelow, Lillian
    TH110.-2-4 Silvia Castillo Internatinal G
    TH110.-3-20 MAC Corp
    TH110.-3-21.3 Salgado Jose A & Deborah A.
    TH110.-3-43 Dwyer Avenue Corp.
    TH110.-3-48 Kapelow, Lillian
    TH110.-3-49 Mountain Top Properties LLC
    TH110.-3-54 Bonilla Norma I
    TH110.-4-6 Schrader Morris
    TH111.-3-14 Kapelow Lillian
    TH111.-3-18.1 504 Broadway, LLC
    TH111.-4-8 Tamburro Matthew
    TH111.-5-19 MR Realty Group Corp
    TH111.-6-15 Galligan John W & Geraldine
    TH111.-10-1 Kapelow, Lillian
    TH111.-11-3 15 Osborne Street LLC
    TH112.-1-2 Zywiec-Bardi Trade
    TH112.-1-3 Kowalczyk Joseph
    TH112.-1-19 Sidbury Shirley
    TH112.-1-25 Bertonazzi, Gabriel
    TH112.-1-26 Trust Sarajean Trust Renae, Matthew, Gina
    TH112.-1-27 Bertonazzi, Gabriel
    TH112.-3-2.1 Zrailev Etela
    TH112.-3-12 Patel Deepesh Fridman Alex
    TH112.-4-10 Zaiat Moishe N
    TH112.-9-9 Broadway Plaza of SC Corp
    TH112.-9-14.1 Strong NY Development, LLC
    TH112.-9-14.2 Orchard Street Adventures, Inc
    TH113.-2-2.5 Korn Theodore
    TH113.-4-13 Nebelkopf Cory
    TH114.-2-2 LSMS, LLC
    TH114.-7-2 Tomlinson Alinda
    TH114.-12-2 Potari Jozsef
    TH115.-2-6.1 Schneider Elliott M
    TH115.-2-6.2 Birch, Tedra
    TH115.-2-8.1 DJC Management Corp
    TH115.-3-19 Next Generation TS
    TH115.-3-21 Khanii Shim & Elaivil
    TH115.-4-15 Stallworth Jacqueline
    TH115.-4-18 Osiowy, Boguslaw & Agata
    TH114.-4-25 Kapelow, Michael
    TH115.-5-8.3 Kapelow, Lillian
    TH115.-5-8.4 Mc Cullough Leon D & Wendy S.
    TH115.-6-4.4 Lake Louise Inc
    TH115.-6-24 Jackson Loretta V Barr Luann
    TH115.-7-20 Kabak Milton & Charlotte
    TH115.-10-11 Yao Ho Chu
    TH115.-12-1 Enten Barbara S & ETAL Sedaka L; Goldstein, B
    TH115.-12-10 Enten Barbara S & ETAL Sedaka L; Goldstein, B
    TH116.-1-36 Rossini Joseph
    TH117.-1-10 Das Realty & Management Inc.
    TH117.-3-2 Mauer Lawrence C & Nancy M.
    TH117.-3-15 Decarlo Edith Horton Linda
    TH117.-3-16 Decarlo Edith Horton Linda
    TH118.-5-3.24 Zaiat Moishe N
    TH118.-6-1.1 Quintero-Garcia Liliany Quintero, Ludy Fanny
    TH118.-7-2.4 Kapelow, Lillian
    TH118.-9-3.1 Block Ruth Goldstein, Burton
    TH118.A-1-3.151 Kapelow, Lillian
    TH119.-3-17 Kapelow Lillian
    TH119.-5-23 Fellheimer Brian & Adriana
    TH120.-2-13 Koljenovic Beko
    TH120.-3-12 Negron Thomas N & Tendaya D.
    TH120.-6-21 D&Z Construction NY LLC
    TH121.-1-2 DeCarlo Edith Sinistorie, Joseph
    TH121.-1-4.1 Decarlo Edith Horton Linda
    TH121.-1-16 Yeshiva Beth Joseph Zvi Dushinsky
    TH130.-1-5./2501 Deitsch Aaron Levi
    Town of Tusten
    TU1.-1-10.1 Velilla Joseph Citron-Velilla Elizabeth
    TU2.-1-22.5 Shurukht Bella
    TU3.-1-3.5 Iaconetti Angelo M & Margaret
    TU3.-1-3.6 Iaconetti Angelo M & Margaret
    TU3.-1-3.8 Gensler William
    TU3.-1-23 Sheer, Martin & Janice
    TU4.-1-7 Feagles Lake Realty Corp
    TU4.-1-8.5 Feagles Lake Realty Corp
    TU4.-1-8.9 Feagles Lake Realty Corp
    TU4.-1-11 Feagles Lake Realty Corp
    TU4.-1-13.1 Feagles Lake Realty Corp
    TU4.-1-13.2 Feagles Lake Realty Corp
    TU4.-1-13.11 Feagles Lake Realty Corp
    TU5.-1-9.8 Tilts Brian L
    TU6.A-1-10 Blake James & Bessie W.
    TU6.B-1-10 Wright Kevin & Denise
    TU6.D-1-20 Pilla David J & Suzanne M.
    TU7.A-1-15 Novick Glenn
    TU9.-5-1.1 Peck Robert & JoAnn
    TU9.-10-14 Wasner Karl & Pamela
    TU10.-2-13 Dizdarevic Fikret
    TU11.-7-7.1 Hector John & Irene
    TU14.-1-26 Gannon, Michelle
    TU14.-1-40.1 Ocean Development Group, LLC
    TU14.-1-41.35 Staffieri Anthony
    TU15.-1-13 Taylor, Robert E.
    TU15.-1-14 Taylor, Robert E.
    TU15.-3-3 Artis Kevin Olu
    TU15.-5-7 Jenkins Juanita Talley
    TU15.-5-10 Aaron Lawrence
    TU15.-6-2 Lewis D E
    TU15.-10-6.3 Murray Rudolph Jr
    TU15.-12-4 Gibson James M & Dorothy
    TU16.-1-1 Maerling Melissa
    TU16.-4-4 Robinson Thomas & Evelyn
    TU16.-7-4 Kornish Doris
    TU16.-8-4.2 Knight Alexander
    TU16.-8-4.3 Knight Alexander
    TU16.-9-2 Amerbach, Frances C.
    TU16.-9-3.4 Shepperson Morton A & Eunice J
    TU16.-9-3.5 Shepperson Morton A & Eunice
    TU16.-13-4 Calderon Mirian
    TU17.-1-4.14 DeMartino Michelle .
    TU19.A-1-18 Cambio Carol Whedbee Anthony Cambio
    TU20.-1-7.10 Jaworowski Nancy
    TU20.-1-8.1 Wyss Francis Jr & Doreen
    TU20.-1-22 Aumick, Michael & Donna
    TU22.-1-18.3 Hughes Michael Jr
    TU23.-1-3.3 Do Alexander Quang
    TU23.-1-15.1 Ross Stephanie L Mitchell S. Ross
    TU23.-1-15.4 Ross Stephanie L Mitchell S. Ross
    TU24.A-1-9 Kelty Patrick & Kelli-Lyn
    TU24.A-1-10 Kelty Patrick
    TU24.A-1-17 Kelty Patrick L & Kelli-Lyn
    TU24.A-5-2 Horizon 501 Holdings, LLC
    TU24.A-5-3 Horizon 501 Holdings, LLC
    TU24.A-5-4 Horizon 501 Holdings, LLC
    TU24.A-5-5 Horizon 501 Holdings, LLC
    TU24.A-5-6 Horizon 501 Holdings, LLC
    TU24.A-5-7 Horizon 501 Holdings, LLC
    TU24.A-5-8 Horizon 501 Holdings, LLC
    TU24.A-6-8 Kelty Patrick L & Kelli-Lyn
    TU24.A-8-8 Kelty Patrick L & Kelli-Lyn

  • Two Bedroom Apartment for Rent
    Skinner’s Falls, overlooking the river.
    $500/mo plus utilities.
    December availability.
    Please call 800-252-3925.

Real Estate Rental

    Narrowsburg, New York

    call owner for more Info 917-376-3081

  • Bridge Street Narrowsburg
    1 Bedroom Walk Up Loft
    Apartment Town Center. Walk
    to All! Hardwood Floors, Central
    Air Conditioning, Stainless Steel
    Appliances. $750 includes Heat,
    Electric, Parking, Sanitation,
    Plowing. Financial/Work
    References 845 252-3738

    Brand New Store Front

    facing Kauneonga Lake
    hardwood fl oors,
    wraparound covered
    porch, minutes from
    Bethel Woods Center
    for The Arts
    $1200 per month

  • Large 1 Bedroom Apt. for rent
    Utlilities, All Appliances. Washer & Dryer Included
    Barryville, NY $650 per month, 1 Month Security
    Available 10/1 Call 843-503-3642

  • One bedroom apartment in Kauneonga Lake available Nov. 15 - full kitchen and bath. 800 sq. ft, private entrance and deck. Perfect for professional or couple. $750 includes everything except phone and cable tv. call 845-807-7212 or 845-807-2115

  • Narrowsburg NY
    For Rent
    3 bedroom
    2nd fl oor apartment
    Newly Renovated,
    beautiful view of Lake Erie
    $975 per month
    plus 1 month security
    Please call 845-252-3000
    for more information

  • Eldred, Yulan Area
    BR Cabin $550
    (2) 2 BR Apt separate endurances $700
    Utilities Not Included


  • Catskill Brush Hog Services
    "Serving Sullivan and Delaware Counties"
    email: CatskillBrushHog@aol.com

  • Out Door

Yard Sales

  • Lisa’s Not Just Antiques
    355 Beach Lake Highway
    Honesdale, PA 18431

    APPOINTMENTS WELCOME. 845-252-3999.
    Give yourself a second hand!

    John Wetmore’s Auction Center

    39 Happy Hollow Lane, (off Slish Rd), Honesdale, Pa 18431
    Auctioneer License Information: AU005268
    Auction Listings provided by AuctionZip.com. #4665
    570-493-6995 Cell phone

  • Genco’s Fire House

    Art, Antiques, Tool’s Collectable’s
    and more Sat 10-3
    6586 RT 52 Lake Huntington NY 12752

  • MOVING SALE Youngsville, NY 12791
    Cedar Log Queen Bed complete, $600,(1) Twin Bed Complete $50.00
    4- Wood Workshop Cabinets 3- Metal Wall Cabinets all for $100, NEW Walker, Quad Cane, Commode, Shower Bench, Wheel Chair with a Tray 2004 Dodge RAM Truck 3500, 4 door, 5.9 Cummins, Playstation with games $100,
    Vanity/Desk with Mirror $150, Futon Couch/Bed $200, Entertainment Center
    For 42” TV $300, 2000 Chrysler Sebring Convertible, new parts, runs good,
    looks good no rust $2,500 OBO, Bow Flex Extreme 2, Like New $800
    Call For Details 845-798-3306 or 845-701-0317