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December 08, 2016
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Millennial weddings

Many millennial couples create their own wedding website for guests to look at and get information about the wedding. This is a screen capture of Breann and Steve’s wedding website, created on Wordpress.
Contributed photos

The other type of “proposal” is asking your friends to be your bridesmaids or groomsmen. Breann did this in a very creative and digital way, creating personal videos for each of her friends and uploading them to YouTube. She did this because all of her bridesmaids live in California, so she couldn’t ask them in person. She sent them a package with a mini bottle of Prosecco and instructions telling them to pour themselves a drink and click on the link. The video is a montage of Breann and her friends with cute captions set to the song “Raise your Glass” by Pink.

The Planning

Most couples these days create a wedding website. These can include photos, the story of how the couple met, where to stay and what to do in the area of the wedding, information on how to get there and more. Breann and Steve made their own website using Wordpress. Even invitations are going digital, as many couples email their invites or ask people to RSVP online.

Many brides-to-be create inspiration boards on the website Pinterest. These visual digital boards can have pictures of wedding gowns, venues, food, decorations and more. Breann said she has created inspiration boards and has even created a group board with her bridesmaids to help decide on dresses.

The Wedding

Millennials are often known for their DIY instincts, making everything from homemade jam to their own clothes. At many millennial weddings, a touch of DIY can be spotted, from the food to the decorations, from table seating cards to wedding favors. There are other signs that you’re at a millennial wedding: the officiate is the couple’s friend who got ordained online, the food is locally sourced and organic, people are using smart phones to take photos and are uploading them instantly, and the band is the couple’s friend or they have a DJ. Much like wedding proposal videos going viral, many millennials are making extravagant entrances and walks down the aisle. One of the most famous ones is called “JK Wedding Entrance Dance” ( and features the wedding party doing a choreographed dance down the aisle. It has over 83 million views.

After the Wedding

Once the wedding and celebration are over, it is time to share photos and stories from the day. Many newlyweds create Flickr accounts (or other similar websites) where guests can upload and share photos they took at the wedding. You’ll also see many photos on Facebook, Instagram, and maybe even a wedding hashtag on Twitter.