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July 06, 2015
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Animal hospital receives accreditation

FERNDALE, NY — The Animal Hospital of Sullivan County (AHOSC) has been accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and once again passed their rigid standards and guidelines of the esteemed veterinary industry association. Unlike human hospitals, not all animal hospitals are required to be accredited by the AAHA or other industry groups. AAHA evaluates practices of its hospitals on over 900 very high standards. Only 3,400 hospitals this year have earned the AAHA-accredited designation out of over 27,000-plus in the United States—about 1 out of 9 nationwide.  Read more

Folk Fest for Felines

BETHEL, NY — The Dancing Cat Saloon will present Folk Fest for Felines (& Dogs) at the Catskill Distilling Company on Route 17B on Saturday, December 14, starting at 1 p.m. There will be musical entertainment, with members of the Sullivan County Songwriters Circle leading off. Other musicians will include Jon Naberezny, Kenneth McNally, Janet Burgan, Ken Somerville, Stacy Cohen and more. There will be a book signing/sale of the just released “Adventures of Kabuki” by Jane Felber-Strauss.  Read more

Holiday plate cleaners

During the holidays, pet parents and house guests appear to not be able to resist the temptation of the alluring look from the family cat or dog as they gaze at your leftovers. All too often people try justifying to themselves the benign effects of feeding that last piece of turkey, dressing, oven-roasted vegetable, or cranberry sauce. Contrary to public belief, even the smallest amount of table food can cause serious illness.  Read more

Overactive thyroid in cats

Hyperthyroidism, overactive thyroid, is the most common hormone imbalance in cats. Cats have two thyroid glands, one on either side of the trachea in the neck, and these play an instrumental role in the body’s metabolic rate. Hyperthyroidism is characterized by overproduction of the thyroid hormone, which then results in increasing the body’s metabolic rate. The disease can affect cats of any age, however it is predominantly noted in older cats. As time progresses the thyroid gland enlarges and can often be felt when your cat’s neck is stretched back.  Read more

How to tell if your cat loves you

While it may be really easy to shower your cat with affection, sometimes you may find yourself wondering, does my cat love me? Cats are one of the more elusive household pets (some may even say cold-hearted), but really they are adorably cute, although sometimes they can be hard to read. Below are the signs that your cat really truly loves you.

1. Head butting  Read more

Rabies virus

Given the recent case of rabies in a young steer in Sullivan County, I felt that it was of benefit to the general public to share information regarding what rabies is and methods of preventing the spread of this deadly virus. Rabies is a devastating viral disease that affects mammals, domestic and wild. The virus is transmitted by the bite of an infected animal but can also be contracted via saliva alone. Once a person or an animal is bitten, the infected saliva allows the transmission of the virus to enter into the muscle of the victim.  Read more

Proper ID can be lifesaving

I was trolling Facebook the other evening and my attention was grabbed by a post titled, “Pet euthanized before hold ended at Shoals shelter.” The attached article went on to describe how a dog that was brought to the shelter as a stray was euthanized before the mandatory hold period was up. Apparently, there was an internal error in communication at the shelter, and the dog was euthanized by mistake. The wrongdoing was then compounded when shelter staff gave the family the runaround, and initially lied to them about what happened to the dog.  Read more

Cancer in pets

According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 13 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer each year, and so it’s no surprise that most of us have known someone who’s suffered from this difficult and often deadly disease. Many pet owners, too, have faced this disease, with an estimated six million cases diagnosed annually in cats and dogs, as reported by the National Cancer Institute. In fact, pets can suffer from the exact same types of cancers as we humans.  Read more

Pets’ fear of loud noises

The severe thunderstorms of last week and the numerous fireworks displays over this past holiday weekend provided a terrifying scenario for many dogs. With summer in full swing, we can expect more T-storms in our future and I’m sure in some areas more fireworks displays or neighborhood firecrackers going off. If fear of loud noises affects your dog, there are some things you can try to help calm and soothe your dog.  Read more

Dog days of summer

After the winter we just lived through, many of us have welcomed the warm weather with open arms. However, while humans have the ability to escape the heat and find ways to stay cool, it is important to keep our animals in mind, too. One of the most concerning situations is traveling with your pet. In a matter of just a few minutes the interior temperature of your car can exceed 150ºF, creating extremely dangerous conditions for your dog or cat. While you may think leaving the window open a small amount, or even all the way open may help dodge the heat, this is not be the case.  Read more

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