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May 04, 2015
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TRR photo by Marcia Nehemiah

REGION — When her 92-year-old husband became ill in the summer of 2014, she was able to manage well enough, driving him to multiple doctor visits, seeing to his comfort and tending to household chores like grocery shopping, cleaning, meal preparation and laundry.

There are so many established days of commemoration that between Siblings Day (April 10th), World Mosquito Day (August 20th) and National Cat Day (October 29th) it can be difficult to rouse...

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There are many reasons to visit Milford, PA. Long before being incorporated in 1874, the Native Americans and settlers who lived there enjoyed the forests, lakes and fresh waters of the Delaware...

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Tuning in to the shifting of the seasons is restorative on many levels. In the Upper Delaware River region, it’s time to shake off the shackles of the snow-laden season and wake up our winter-...

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As a young fisherman I can remember the great fishing trips to the Ramapo River just outside the town of Tuxedo. The crystal-clear waters were so clean back then we would swim there in the summer...

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I make it a habit to arrive early when I expect a sold-out crowd to be attending an event here in the Upper Delaware River region, which happens frequently, and last Saturday was no exception....

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As I stabilize my kayak by grabbing an underwater branch to keep from spooking some basking painted turtles on the shore, one thing is readily apparent: the water is cold, numbingly cold. Someone...

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Playhouse announces Swit performance

FORESTBURGH, NY — Forstburgh Playhouse producer Franklin Trapp has announced one of the upcoming season’s highlights, a production of “Driving Miss Daisy” starring Loretta Swit. Patrons of the Forestburgh Playhouse and fans will quickly recognize Swit as one of the stars of the iconic television series, “MASH.” She has graced the stage of the Forestburgh Playhouse before, and is thrilled to return as Miss Daisy in one of the most beloved dramas of the American Theatre. The play will run from September 1 through 6. Call 845/794-1194 or visit

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

Well, that’s not entirely true. I did fall on the driveway yesterday and it wasn’t easy getting up, but I managed—old bones intact. Having written (extensively) about the ice last week, I thought I was done with the subject, but Mother Nature seems to have it out for me this winter. I avoid using salt (bad for the pup’s paws), and barn calcite wreaks havoc in the house. But clearly, I need to be more careful while attempting to get out and about, searching for artistic endeavors around the region.  Read more

NACL is finalist for Artplace

HIGHLAND LAKE, NY — NACL Theatre has been selected as one of 90 finalists across the United States to receive an Artplace America award. Each of the finalists has proposed opportunities for the arts to play an explicit and intentional role in a community development project that seeks to strengthen the social, physical and economic fabric of a community. A total of 1,283 letters of inquiry were received. Of the 90 finalists, 40 will be selected to receive funding.  Read more

Beads bloom into smiles

HONESDALE, PA — A new business has opened in Honesdale at 10th and Main streets. BLOOM sells jewelry, beads, scarves, pottery and more. But that’s not all. The beads you see in the store are the same glass and silver ones used for The Portable Playhouse, a non-profit organization that brings jewelry making to hospitals.  Read more

Finger on the pulse

A few months ago, yet another large and important study was released with irrefutable evidence that 30% of heart attacks, strokes and deaths from heart disease could be prevented if high-risk individuals switched to a Mediterranean diet rich in nuts, beans, fish, fruits, vegetables and olive oil. But where’s the beef? Let me reassure you that eating for health doesn’t mean you have to eliminate pleasure. But it’s a good idea to start thinking of meat as a kind of delicious flavoring rather than the focal point of the plate.  Read more

If you have nothing nice to say…

I notice the tip jar on the counter of a deli where I get my coffee before I head into the office and most days just give it a glance and walk away. Today I stopped, looked at the girl behind the counter and said, “exactly what do you expect a tip for?” To my surprise she had a lengthy answer; obviously I wasn’t the first to query this. “Well it’s for things like saying good morning, giving you a napkin, making sure your change is correct and wishing you a nice day.” Then came the most sincere smile I ever saw; she was looking me right in the eyes.  Read more

Romantic cinema at the UDGLBT

MILFORD, PA — The Upper Delaware GLBT Center (DGLBT) will present a classic film series at the UDGLBT Center located at 201 W. Harford St. on selected Thursdays from January 15 to March 15 at 7:30 p.m. The series, hosted by John DiLeo, will alternate between two kinds of classic movies: a trio of films from the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s featuring triangles with unmistakable gay subtexts; and a trio of sparkling romantic comedies that will leave you smiling from ear to ear.  Read more

Keeping our enviro-commitments

In my last column, “Enviro-resolutions,” I recommended getting to know the agencies involved in natural resource management in the Upper Delaware River region. Another organization that can help you keep your commitment to greater outdoor experiences throughout the new year is the non-profit Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation (PPFF).

The official partner of the Pennsylvania State Parks and Forests, the organization strives to support the state’s natural and cultural resources through leadership in recreation, education, conservation and volunteerism.  Read more

DVAA launches online gallery

NARROWSBURG, NY — The DVAA is launching a new online gallery space for 2015 named the Bgallery. The web based gallery, curated by Phyllis Bilick, will debut with an exhibition titled “The Impact of Color,” a colorful conversation. The exhibit will open on Saturday, February 7, and is now requesting submissions of work where color is an essential factor, exciting the viewer and drawing them into the work. The submission deadline is January 31.  Read more

Indigo Moon Brass Band at The Cooperage

HONESDALE, PA — Indigo Moon Brass Band will be will be at The Cooperage, located at 1030 Main St., on Saturday, January 17 at 7 p.m.

Indigo Moon Brass Band of Wilkes-Barre, PA is inspired by the music of New Orleans. Its three founding members spent a few years in the culturally rich Big Easy. The band may have moved back north, but you can still find them performing in authentic New Orleans fashion.  Read more

Entertainment industry mixer and showcase

ROCK HILL, NY — There will be an entertainment industry mixer and showcase on Saturday, January 17 from 8 to 11:45 p.m. at Bernie’s Holiday Restaurant. The event is an opportunity for artists, producers and all people interested in the entertainment industry to build their networks. Speakers will include Tom O’Reilly of More Sugar Music newspaper; Melissa Cohen, casting director and producer for Transcending Pictures; and Eddie Wilson of WSUL 98.3 FM and WVOS 95.9 FM.  Read more

NACL seeks Weather Project performers

HIGHLAND LAKE, NY — NACL Theatre is currently developing a touring version of The Weather Project play and seeks additional performers of all ages for a regional tour that begins in May 2015. Rehearsals take place Monday evenings from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Highland Senior Center, located at 725 State Rte. 55 in Eldred.

The Weather Project is an all-ages outdoor performance about climate change directed by Tannis Kowalchuk of NACL Theatre. The play was developed with NASA scientist Elaine Matthews, in collaboration with the Town of Highland and a host of community groups.  Read more

Classic rock for modern times

HAWLEY, PA — Classic rock band Leroy Justice will perform at the next Harmony Presents production on Saturday, January 17 at 8 p.m. at the Hawley Silk Mill. Jill Carletti, managing director of Harmony Presents, calls the band “a classic rock legend in the making, displaying the kinds of songwriting and arranging skills that have characterized our favorite American rock bands from Neil Young & Crazy Horse to the Allman Brothers Band, while filled with powerhouse grooves and a strong rhythm section.  Read more

‘Shakespeare’s Will’ in Callicoon

CALLICOON, NY — Tannis Kowalchuk renders a song-filled solo performance depicting the life of Anne Hathaway, the wife of William Shakespeare, in the play “Shakespeare’s Will,” to be performed at Moore’s Barn, 29 Head Rd. in Callicoon on Saturday, January 31 at 5 p.m. The event includes a potluck, with the show to follow.  Read more

Snow days

Oh, how those two little words used to thrill. I’m not sure when I turned into my own grandfather, but as kids across the Upper Delaware River region press their noses to the window, praying to hear the news, I find myself regaling youngsters with how difficult it was back in the day, when it took a blizzard to cause a cancellation and we had to walk to school, bundled up in snow pants and mittens, braving the elements whether we wanted to or not.  Read more

Hope lives here: Billy’s New Hope Barn; Honesdale farm animal rescue seeks support

HONESDALE, PA — When you’re doing your heart’s work, it shows. Perhaps it’s the sparkle in Marcie Bunting’s eyes as she talks about Toby and the deformed legs he’s working hard to overcome, or the smile that lights up her face as she watches the rescued farm animals roam around the sheltering home they’ve found at Billy’s New Hope Barn.  Read more

Reality, illusion and vision

Greetings, readers out there in the future... don’t mind me, I’m still mired back here in the middle of last week, vainly trying to make some sense out of the terrorist attack on the Paris offices of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. By the time you read these words, you will know a lot more than I do at the moment about the eventual outcome of the situation—but I would wager that we won’t have any better ideas about what we should do in its aftermath.  Read more

Calendars and catalogs

I’ve hung the new, 2015 calendars in all our rooms. Each one has a different theme and set of glossy photos. There’s the one with shots of wildlife and another with glorious beachfronts. Then there’s the one with cartoons from The New Yorker. Each one tracking the days, telling us the next saint’s day, or school vacation, or phase of the moon.

And, I have already dutifully scrawled on the times for the next doctors’ appointments and piano lessons. Counting the days….  Read more

The winter eagle count cometh

As you read this, the 2015 Mid-Winter Bald Eagle Survey is underway. Coordinated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), this eagle survey is taking place in most states in the U.S., including New York and PA. This survey takes place during the first two weeks of January, with January 9 to 10 as target dates. It is this time when many Canadian migrant eagles have arrived from their northern breeding grounds in order to forage from ice-free water of the contiguous U. S.  Read more

I guess that’s why they call it the blues

It happens every year. After the lights have dimmed and the trees (and menorahs) come down, the melancholy often sets in for many of us who have been busy rushing around expressing good will to strangers on the streets while dropping coins into buckets in an attempt to lift the spirits of those less fortunate than ourselves.  Read more

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