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December 07, 2016
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A feast of noise: Dizzy Feast and Noise New York play The Nutshell

Noise New York
TRR photos by Isabel Braverman

LAKE HUNTINGTON, NY — If you haven’t been to a Collabonation Productions show yet then what are you waiting for? The production company made up of Joe Murray and Dylan Smith has been booking shows for over a year, most of them being at The Nutshell in Lake Huntington, a popular bar/concert venue for young people from all over the area. Most of the shows are jam bands from upstate or the city, but Collabonation did something a little different last Friday night. They booked three bands (one being a jam band from Brooklyn), but the other two bands were local (or mostly local). They are Dizzy Feast, a rock group of teenagers from Narrowsburg, and Noise New York, a synth-pop band from Purchase with the lead singer Noah Barker from Jeffersonville. Both bands have a completely original sound and some serious talent.

I’ll start with Dizzy Feast. The Feast is made up of Shane Andrewski, 17, (lead singer, guitar); Kyle Hector, 17, (drums); and Jacob Whispell, 18, (bass). They have a very rock and roll sound, both grungy and classic. Their performance was rock solid, it sounded like a recording—no mess ups and a clean, polished sound. The band had just released an album a few days before the show, comprised of 12 original songs written by Andrewski and recorded in Scranton.

Before I could even tell Shane that his voice sounds just like Jim Morrison’s, he aptly listed The Doors as one of his favorite bands. Just like The Doors, some of Dizzy Feast’s songs have a blues sound, like “Roads to Drive” and “The Desert.” Other songs have a more punk feel to them, and Shane’s voice gets angry and the guitar gets gritty. Kyle has a natural ability on the drums, never missing a beat, and Jacob could definitely be heard on the bass, an instrument that sometimes gets lost in the rest of the band. In fact, the bass line on many songs was a main attraction, and elevated the song to a new level.

The band ended their set with “Apathy,” which Shane said is his favorite song to perform live, probably because the crowd kept requesting it and was pretty hyped as soon as the first riff was played. If you want to hear a band that will bring you back to the days of true rock, but also lead you down a new path, then check out Dizzy Feast, on their Facebook and SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/dizzyfeast-1).

Up next was Noise New York, who was playing for their album release party. It’s hard to put a label on these guys, but if I had to it would be dreamy electronic indie pop, and maybe even happy shoegaze. The band features Noah who sings and plays the synth, Sean Liljequist on bass and Nick Roeder on drums. The trio played a remarkable set; the music transfixed you and washed over your whole body. Noah’s voice is kind of baritone and juxtaposes nicely with the airy music, which he writes. They remind me of newer electronic groups like DIIV, The xx and Beach House (but more powerful) and classics like My Bloody Valentine and Broken Social Scene. I was really happy to see this kind of music at The Nutshell.

The band explained that each of the three musicians came from different musical backgrounds to form Noise New York. Noah has a deep-rooted background in jazz, Nick has a handful of backgrounds, from prog metal to Americana, and Sean comes from the post-punk scene. Nick said they “meld” what they’re doing and balance it out without being constricted, “kind of like a Venn diagram,” added Noah.

Their new album, “You Are Here,” has six songs and all of them are really good, I don’t think I can even pick a favorite because I like them all.

The band is now on tour and I highly recommend seeing them or listening to their music on Bandcamp (http://noisenewyork.bandcamp.com) and checking out their Facebook.