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December 03, 2016
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A Night at the Theatre: Forestburgh’s ‘9 to 5, the Musical' What a way to make a living!

The cast of "9 to 5- The Musical" now playing at the Forestbugh Playhouse
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Conversely, Parton seems partial to her own character from the film, and as a result, knocked one out of the park for Chapman, whose rendition of “Backwoods Barbie” was highly entertaining. Seymour’s “One for the Boys” succeeded as well and Wagner had an opportunity to shine with “Get Out and Stay Out,” but three decent numbers do not a musical make. Against all odds, the ladies chorus was fairly strong (special shout-out to Cassidy Stoner’s amusing turn as Margaret) but had little to work with and the guys (fabulous in the last show) were just okay. Again, it’s my belief that the production’s limitations lay with the writing itself, rather than the performances, so my finger-pointing is aimed at the creative team, rather than the company.

Almost as if the playhouse agreed with me, Trevor Fredericksen’s scenic design was (to say the least) an uninspired salute to community theatre and was at times, utterly confusing. Michael O’Connor’s lighting design was nonexistent (save for the occasional retina-burning blasts aimed at the audience) and Gretchen Halle’s costume design was more “Spoon River Anthology” than ‘80s office attire. Once again, the musicians came through with flying colors and although I didn’t care for the score, they did a good job performing it. There is one memorable tune (surprise! it’s "9 to 5"), but I knew that one walking in the door.

I asked audience members what they thought after the show and most of them had a good time, so maybe it’s me. Wouldn’t be the first time (and certainly not the last), so my advice remains the same. Go to the Forestburgh Playhouse, support the arts and feel free to shoot me an e-mail (jonathanfox@riverreporter.com) with your thoughts. Art is subjective and I have strong opinions, but they are mine and mine alone. I’m far more interested in yours. For showtimes and information, visit www.FBplayhouse.org or call 845/794-1194.