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October 2013

Eldred voter favors casinos

One organization named “property tax relief, job creation, and more education funding” as reasons for passing Proposition 1. The case for four New York casinos, though, goes much deeper.

First, increased tax revenues, from income as well as corporate profits, would cover much more than education support or lowered property assessments.

Second, even one casino-hotel would greatly help Sullivan County tourism. Old resort areas need new reasons for people to come back. Gambling, government-allowed or not, has loomed large in Catskills history, and today’s players want it clean and legal.  Read more

One man’s vote of incumbent supervisor in Lumberland

Since moving into the Lumberland area in 2004, I’ve seen the town go through its fair share of economic turmoil. Thankfully, the town has seen vast improvements to many of its programs over the past several years—improvements that I attribute to the leadership of Lumberland Supervisor Nadia Rajsz. I usually vote for candidates that are socially liberal but fiscally conservative, so it should not come as a surprise that I’m supporting Ms. Rajsz.  Read more

Voter sees choice between ‘experience’ and ‘change’

Last week, the Monticello Rotary Club and Thunder 102 Radio sponsored a Candidates Night in the Town of Thompson. There are four men vying for two seats on the town board. Questions were posed by the media, and the only reasoned and thoughtful responses came from Richard Sush, who is seeking re-election as a councilman. He was clearly the only person who knew the issues, who had a strategy for bringing business into the town, who had any experience in municipal government, and who has a track record of listening to the residents and responding to their needs.  Read more

Seeking candidates who listen

There was a time in the Town of Delaware when the town officials would listen to the concerns of their constituents and at least try to make decisions that took into account those concerns. In fact, that is their responsibility as outlined in New York State’s Town Law Manual, “when a town board member votes on a proposal before a town board, he or she is representing, through that vote, the views of all the residents of the town” Granted, those responsibilities have grown much more complex these days, but isn’t that all the more reason to listen to what their constituents have to say?  Read more

Voter questions spending for Delaware Town barn

The Delaware Town Board is about to purchase 4.4 acres of property along Route 17B for a new town barn for the highway dept. The cost of this parcel will be $100,000, or $22,700 per acre, which to me seems inordinately high in the current real estate market. A little research into recent vacant land sales in town has shown that non-riverfront property for the past five years has sold for an average of only $6,000 per acre. The town board apparently didn’t even have an independent appraisal done before agreeing to such a high price!  Read more

Support for incumbents in Town of Callicoon

On Election Day it is time to decide who you want to represent you on your town’s issues. As a full-time and fourth generation resident of the Town of Callicoon, I definitely want the candidates representing me and my family who know what it was like to grow up in one of the most beautiful towns in the county.  Read more

Request for ‘just the facts in Tusten’

We recently received a campaign flyer in the mail from Ned Lang and his running mate Richard Pierce The flyer states that the town bookkeeper position pays $42,310 in salary. According to the 2014 preliminary town budget, which is available for anyone to view, the salary for the bookkeeper is $1,750 less than is stated in the campaign flyer, because office equipment and the contractual expenses were incorrectly added in to come up with total salary. The flyer also states that the state retirement contribution for the bookkeeper will be $12,000 in 2014.  Read more

Writer calls Tom Bose ‘not neutral’

In a front-page story in last Friday’s Sullivan County Democrat, Town of Callicoon Supervisor Tom Bose claimed that both he and the comprehensive plan recently adopted by the town board are neutral on the issue of fracking. This is simply not true. Mr. Bose isn’t neutral and neither is the plan.  Read more

Citizen endorses ‘Town of Callicoon Team’

I would like to remind everyone to please vote on November 5. I will [be voting] for the team endorsed by the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties: Tom Bose, Charlie Schadt, Scott Gaebel, Kris Scullion and Ed McKenna, The Town of Callicoon Team that has been here for you 24/7.  Read more

Support for Town of Thompson incumbent

Richard Sush comes through for the Town of Thompson on a regular basis. As a Thompson Town Board member he has exhibited intelligence and creativity in decision making and preserved the texture of our community. When a high-density development was being sought, Richard produced the bill that reduced the density ceiling for new developments and preserved our way of life. To ensure that his honesty and tenacity will continue to benefit our community, vote for Richard Sush for Town of Thompson Town Board.

Steve Gordon
Hurleyville, NY