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October 2013

Is a summer camp the same thing as a drug rehab facility? One candidate responds to citizen’s query

Zoning is likely to be a campaign issue this year in the Town of Liberty, at least in part, because town officials are split about whether zoning should be changed to prohibit the expansion of summer camps in residential neighborhoods. What is clear, however, is that in some cases, officials don’t enforce the zoning that already exists.  Read more

An open letter to Congressman Marino

As your constituents, we are writing because we think you are a reasonable person. Although we probably differ on many issues, we’re sure we share a common belief in the democratic process.  Read more

Constituent to Senator Toomey: ‘take responsibility’

At a Danville Town Hall meeting recently, U.S. Senator Toomey explained why we do not have a greater number of higher paying jobs. The senator was told that $9 to $10 paying jobs do not help a person take care of their family. That is absolutely right. The senator agreed as well but provided a puzzling explanation.  Read more

Getting beyond partisanship on health care

The longer this ridiculous impasse continues, the more U.S. citizens are being hurt by Representative Tom Marino and 39 others who claim they have their constituents’ best interests in hand. They no longer have the best interests of their district, when they are the cause of millions of dollars a day in lost revenue and are impacting the health of millions of U.S. citizens.  Read more

One citizen’s endorsement for Town of Cochecton candidates

I have been volunteering a lot of my time to the campaign to elect Joan Glase and Dr. Paul Salzberg to the Cochecton Town Council. The three of us have visited almost every home in town and we have been listening to the concerns of the voters. Their top named issues are jobs, taxes, keeping the town beautiful and keeping out fracking. This confirms the overwhelming 3-to-1 majority who last year signed a petition calling for a ban on fracking vs. one in favor of it. The voters we are hearing from agree with Joan and Dr.  Read more

Preparing for climate change; Reducing our region’s carbon footprint

This Friday the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will issue a formal statement based on its latest scientific assessment of climate change. Information about the report has been reported on since the end of September. The report, the first in six years, asserts that scientists are “more than 95% certain” that climate change is real, largely caused by human activities, and poses a grave global threat.  Read more

Good crowd for registration drive; ‘Vote where it counts’ effort in Sullivan

There was a festive atmosphere at the barn in Jeffersonville where full-time residents and weekenders gathered for a voter registration drive on October 6. Posters for the drive urged residents to “vote where it counts,” and was aimed at, among others, people who own second homes in Sullivan County, and who are, according to various court decisions, therefore eligible to vote in Sullivan County, even if the residents spend more time at a home elsewhere.  Read more

UDC sets shutdown date

Following a brief executive session at their October 3 meeting, members of the Upper Delaware Council (UDC) set an October 25 date to shut down the panel.  Read more

Wading into the weeds; Addressing the Flexible Flow Management Plan

Only about a dozen people turned out to the “listening session” convened at the request of the five representatives of the “decree parties” to hear comments about the Flexible Flow Management Plan (FFMP).  Read more

Postal workers sue post office; Healthcare remains an issue

WASHINGTON, DC — Readers of The River Reporter know that their papers are not being delivered through the mail on time, and the paper has reported this is mostly attributable to consolidation of United States Postal Service (USPS) mail sorting facilities, which has been taking place across the country.  Read more