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December 02, 2016
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October 2013

Cemetery tour at Grey Towers

MILFORD, PA — A walking tour of the Laurel Hill Cemetery, Milford’s original town graveyard, located on the grounds of Grey Towers National Historic Site, 122 Old Owego Turnpike, Milford, PA, is planned for Sunday, October 27 at 1:30 p.m.

Participants should meet in the Visitor Pavilion in the parking lot and wear sturdy, comfortable shoes for the short hike to the cemetery. Regular tour fees ($8 adults; $7 seniors; $5 youth) will apply. Pre-registration is strongly recommended and space is limited. The program is appropriate for high school age and up.  Read more

Abiding in Cochecton

“The rural cemeteries… were America’s first public parks. They were intended from the beginning to be places of resort, not only for those who had friends or relatives buried there, but for the general public as well.”

—John F. Sears, “Sacred Places: American Tourist Attractions of the Nineteenth Century”  Read more

Lake Huntington News October 24

I write my column this week with a very heavy heart. Horace “Bud” Buddenhagen passed away on Saturday October 19 in Wayne Woodland in Waymart, PA with his family by his side. His wife Emily told me it’s going to be very hard to live alone after 65 years; who is she going to argue with? I told her to call my husband. The Buddenhagen family will have a memorial for Bud sometime in November; I will keep you informed.  Read more

‘Are you talking to ME?’

It was a nice crisp October Saturday morning as the better half and I sat with our morning coffee. I had one section of the paper and she the other. “Today would be a beautiful day for a train ride through the mountains,” is what I heard. I looked over the rim of my glasses and in my best Robert DeNiro said, “Are you talking to me?”, quoting his character Travis Bickle from “Taxi Driver.” Then the explanation came: in the town of Jim Thorpe, PA, there is the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway, which winds through the beautiful mountains, and the scenery is amazing this time of year.  Read more

Delaware’s new zoning in a nutshell

It’s not easy to keep straight in your mind just what the controversial new zoning law in the Town of Delaware is all about. I find this a helpful trick: Draw a square on a piece of paper and then draw a line across it so you have two parts, the top one smaller than the bottom. In the top part, write “DR,” for Delaware River zoning district. In the bottom half, write “RU,” for Rural Use zoning district. Before the changes, there were many parcels of land in Delaware like this.  Read more

Legislators support gaming

On November 5, the people of Sullivan County and the entire state face a monumental decision. Do we vote to amend the New York State Constitution to allow class three gaming in New York State? The implications are enormous. What is at stake are the billions of tourism dollars that pass over our borders into New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Canada and now Massachusetts each year.  Read more

Casinos are NOT economic “engines”

It is a fallacy, and a hoax promoted by the gambling industry and government, that casinos and other forms of gambling, are economic “engines.” Unlike diverse retail businesses, manufacturing facilities, research and development firms, casinos produce no tangible product which enriches the community at large. They are profitable chiefly for the owners, and more so when they keep as many people onsite by reducing and discouraging competition from the surrounding community.  Read more

Writer asks: return to ‘government by the people for the people’

The government shut down upset me greatly. In fact, I started looking at Zombie Apocalypse websites (just kidding) and the media is disgraceful in hyping it all and bringing division amongst our citizens. However it all comes down to this: Do we really have a President who is bipartisan? The answer is obviously no. The Republicans are not liberal Democrats, therefore they do not see the world as the Democrats do. The job of the President is to work with all the Senators and House members to get things done.  Read more

Candidates’ night helped me see who not to vote for

There was a meet-the-candidates night for the Town of Thompson last Wednesday evening at the Rock Hill Firehouse. It was there that I decided not to vote for the person I had previously thought would make the best town supervisor. Originally my vote was going to be cast for Mr. Rieber. However, after I heard him speak to some people with whose opinion he differed, I changed my mind. His tone became confrontational and autocratic when responding to questions and issues with which he was not in agreement.  Read more

Flap over campaign signs

In early October, Town of Lumberland Supervisor Nadia Rajsz planted one of her political signs in my yard, probably without knowing who owned the land, since I had just recently purchased it. Since it’s my property and I don’t support her candidacy, I took it down, which is fully within my rights.  Read more