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September 2013

Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask about Weather and Climate

October 7, 2013

NACL Theatre will host a community conversation with research scientist and Town of Highland resident Elaine Matthews of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, 7pm. The free event is part of NACL's The Weather Project. Matthews will welcome questions from the community. 845/557-0694.

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Tannis Kowalchuk
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Joel Hill Sawmill tours and demonstration

October 5, 2013

The 2013 season's final tours of the Joel Hill Water-Powered Sawmill will take place from 11am-3pm. Built in the Civil-War era, the water-powered mill has operated nearly continuously since it was built. Sawing demonstrations. Cider and doughnuts. 570/224-8500.

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Woodland Weavers

September 28, 2013

The Woodland Weavers will demonstrate turning wool into yarn on the porch of the Equinunk Historical Society, 1972 Pine Mill Rd., 1pm. Calder Museum and Gift Shop doors open at noon. 570/224-8500.

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$40 million for new jail? With new pressure from Albany, jail talk resumes

With a number of lawmakers convinced that Sullivan County taxpayers can’t afford an $80 million new jail, county officials have moved to get a second opinion. The $80 million plan came from LaBella Associates; now a company called Goldberg Group Architects (GGA) will provide the county with a “concept plan” for a new jail.  Read more

A feast of noise: Dizzy Feast and Noise New York play The Nutshell

LAKE HUNTINGTON, NY — If you haven’t been to a Collabonation Productions show yet then what are you waiting for? The production company made up of Joe Murray and Dylan Smith has been booking shows for over a year, most of them being at The Nutshell in Lake Huntington, a popular bar/concert venue for young people from all over the area. Most of the shows are jam bands from upstate or the city, but Collabonation did something a little different last Friday night. They booked three bands (one being a jam band from Brooklyn), but the other two bands were local (or mostly local).  Read more

Translating the Fables of La Fontaine: A Creative Linguistic Challenge

Everyone has an urge to be creative. It’s important, though, to recognize one’s proper medium. I’ve picked up paintbrushes, cameras and sketchpads. I’ve satisfied my brief obsession with quilting with the completion of one potholder. And I finally had to admit that my medium is words.  Read more

The Potency of Words

When I was involved in a cult they interrupted me constantly. “Enough with the story already. Just tell us in ten words what happened.”

I should’ve known better. In my life, nothing’s ever straightforward. One story is a skein from another, equally vital and germane. From there, I weave an intricate design, a pattern of words to provide a scenario, background and rationale to what occurred, what may occur and the importance of whatever I have to convey. To reduce a situation to ten words makes as much sense as Albert Camus’ character in “L’Etranger” who stated, “Au cause du soleil.”  Read more

The Language of the Seasons

Summer came and she danced to the music
of live bands at county fairs,
and the Delaware River spoke to her of romance
and childhood dreams,
her youth melting like ice cream
on a hot August day.  Read more

Whispers on the Western Front

I have never been good with words

they hang heavy on my tongue like clothing lines through tenement windows

but my scars are excellent story tellers and I could talk

to the crinkles around your eyes for centuries

we kiss each other like amulets, use our bodies in place of prophets

I’ve never been good at reading between the lines

but I read your palms and came to the conclusion

that you are every word I could never find

you tell me the freckles across my shoulder blades are like Braille and only the best people can decipher my story  Read more

Mother Tongue, Mother Lode

Whenever I asked my mother how to spell a word, she would invariably tell me to look it up — a strategy that instilled in me a lifelong love of language.

I also owe a debt to Mad Libs. “What’s an adjective?” I demanded whenever my sisters and I played the fill-in-the-blanks word game, which required familiarity with the parts of speech. I had a firm grasp of nouns and verbs, but adjectives were still beyond me.  Read more