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September 30, 2016
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September 2013

Conway on ‘Working at Play’

LIVINGSTON MANOR, NY — The Catskill Art Society will present a talk and slideshow titled “Working At Play: The Evolution of Entertainment at the Sullivan County Resorts” from Sullivan County Historian John Conway at the CAS Arts Center at 48 Main St., on Saturday, September 28 at 3 p.m. This event is free and open to the public, and small donations will be accepted at the door.  Read more

Grey, green, and black and white: New at the Columns

MILFORD, PA — The Pike County Historical Society (PCHS) recently announced that its museum, The Columns, will head into the fall season with three new glimpses into Pike County’s history.

Pike County’s most published writer and fisherman extraordinaire, Zane Grey, is featured in a new exhibit. Many of Grey’s novels were made into movies, and the PCHS, in cooperation with film critic and Zane Grey West Society member Robert Lentz, plan on bringing these to you in the fall.

Stop in and take a look at what money looked like upon first issue through the First National Bank of Milford.  Read more

The summer knows…

I never used to think of myself as predictable, but as the years pass, certain traditions I hold dear seem more firmly rooted in my psyche than ever before, and I’ve surrendered to the possibility that I mark time in ways that make sense… to me. It’s a bit daunting that the calendar year seems to fly by these days, but I’m of “a certain age” and as the days grow shorter, I’m reminded that I have more summers behind me than lie ahead.  Read more

Keeping up a tradition; Making real maple syrup

WAYNE COUNTY, PA — Pennsylvania’s new Maple Sweetheart was crowned on Friday night at the annual fall banquet of the PA Maple Producers Council held at The Settler’s Inn in Hawley. This year the statewide organization’s fall banquet and two-day tour was hosted by the Northeastern Pennsylvania Maple Producers Association and included visits to maple farms and sugarhouses in Wayne, Pike and Lackawanna counties.  Read more

Lake Huntington News September 26

Who says there is nothing to do? I had a busy weekend. Saturday we went to the Fall Harvest Festival at the Grover Hermann Hospital and were lucky to be there for Marie Zalesky’s 106th birthday. Yes, I said 106. Can you believe it? Marie is a beautiful person. When I asked Marie, “How did you get to be 106?” she said, “Hard work and a lot of volunteering.” Marie still lives alone and volunteers a few days a week. God love her.

The hospital would like to thank everyone who helped with this event.  Read more

The Birdman of 8th Avenue

As the final days of summer begin to wane, one of my favorite things to do at work is to take an afternoon coffee break. Standing outside my building on 8th Avenue, cup in hand, on any nice day, we call the break the “2 p.m. freak show.” At this time of day, the working world is back in its cubicles, while the streets are taken over by the traveling minstrel show of misfits. It seems the nice weather brings them all out of their closets.  Read more

An open letter to the Town of Delaware Town Board

The “Town Law Manual” published by the New York State Association of Towns states: “When a town board member votes on a proposal before a town board, he or she is representing, through that vote, the views of all of the residents of the town. Thus, a high personal responsibility rests on individual town board members. It requires that they exercise careful consideration in making important decisions which will affect the lives of town residents and businesses.”  Read more

An open letter to Rep. Chris Gibson from The River Reporter staff

Dear Representative Gibson,

We are writing because of the harm our business and other businesses in Sullivan County are suffering from the consolidation of the U.S. Postal Service’s sorting center in Newburgh, NY into the Albany sorting center.  Read more

Obamacare agonistes

When will Congressional Republicans get off their pouting ways and engage the other important issues facing this nation? I read recently that Republicans have tried 41 times to kill or defund the recently passed national health care legislation. Not everyone is against Obamacare. Some people would like to have universal coverage so that rate payers no longer have to cover those hospital bills run up by the non-insured.  Read more

Noise complaints anew for Monticello Motor Club

The noise at the Monticello Motor Club (MMC) has increased immensely since the expansion was approved. Our appointed [Town of Thompson] planning board members gave the MMC permission with no restrictions and added more time to racing. This was done without any consideration of the people that live here. The sound study done by the MMC was completely self serving.

I would like to ask each member of the planning board why they feel that the many people who spoke out at the public hearing deserve to have their homes invaded and quality of life destroyed?  Read more