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August 2013

Heroin bust in Hawley

Janine Edwards, Wayne County District Attorney, announced today that David Miller, age 33, of Hawley, Pennsylvania and Paul Hirsch, age 49, of Hawley, Pennsylvania were both charged and arrested for selling heroin in Hawley Borough and Paupack Township.  Read more

Gun festival

August 24, 2013

Sullivan County Friends with Firearms will host a gun festival in Hannofee Park. Rain or shine, there will be displays, vendors, food, entertainment, politicians and more.

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Survival adaptations in nature

August is upon us, and nature’s clock is letting us know in the form of nightly katydid serenades and blooming cardinal flowers along streams and wetlands. If you have seen cardinal flowers in the wild, you may also have seen many hummingbirds and swallowtail butterflies near the brilliant red blooms of the cardinal flower. This striking trait of the cardinal flower is an adaptation of the plant to help attract pollinating fauna; the birds and insects, in turn, exhibit behavioral adaptation when they are attracted by brightly colored plant inflorescence when gathering nectar or pollen.  Read more

Double trouble

There I was, sitting in my wading raft a bit below the bridge at Hale Eddy on the West Branch of the Delaware River. There were several trout rising sporadically within 30 feet of my raft. At this point they had disdained the fly that I had been showing them. I had been about to make another cast when I found myself sliding off the raft seat into the river. I went into the water as smoothly as an otter, causing nary a ripple. To my dismay, I found myself sitting on the bottom of the stream in water up to my waist.  Read more

Perseids about to put on a show

Every August, Mother Nature provides a meteoric display in the skies in the form of the Perseid meteor shower, which peaks in the early morning hours of August 12. Many stargazers consider the Perseids the best meteor shower of the year, in part because of the warm temperatures, ideal for star gazing, and the fact that many are on vacation, spending time in the great outdoors.  Read more

Fish and Boat Commission to consider crayfish ban

HARRISBURG, PA — The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PF&BC) is considering a ban on fishermen using crayfish as bait because of the harm exotic, non-native crayfish pose to native crayfish and their local ecosystems.

Several popular fisheries in PA already have reportedly seen their natural food chains irreversibly altered, according to David Lieb, invertebrate zoologist with the PF&BC, speaking at the July meeting of the board of commissioners.  Read more

All tied up in knots

LIVINGSTON MANOR, NY — Morgan Outdoors will host two “Knots for Hiking and Camping” classes on Saturday, August 10, where adventurers of all ages will have a chance to gain knot-tying skills.

The hour-long children’s class runs from 12 noon to 1 p.m. and is geared for kids age nine and up. They will learn several of the key knots useful in camping and hiking, from making a loop to a taut-line hitch. The class for adults runs from 10:30 to 11:45 a.m. and will cover additional knots useful in everyday life, like the trucker’s hitch, which is great for cinching down loads on top of a car.  Read more


The plan was to leave Friday night to meet my mom up at Granddad Stuart and Elaine’s house in Vermont to celebrate my mom’s birthday.

I love traveling by train, and the thought of hurtling smoothly through the Vermont countryside seemed like a good one. I’d take a nice long train ride up from New York City and get some work done along the way. As it sometimes does, however, real life intervened, and it didn’t really make sense—only one train, leaves too early, arrives too late. I would have to rent a car.

“A walk-in?” The Hertz-Rent-A-Car clerk said with an eyebrow raised.  Read more

Roses and Revolutions to perform at the Silk Mill

HAWLEY, PA — The piano and guitar duo of Roses and Revolutions will perform for Harmony Presents in the Hawley Silk Mill on Saturday, August 10 at 7:30 p.m. Pianist Alyssa Rose Coco and Matt Merritt on guitar have shared the stage with the likes of headliners Ingrid Michaelson, O.A.R., Sheryl Crow and Ryan Star.

Tickets can be purchased for $20 at the door. Visit, or email, or call 570/588-8077.

New show at The ARTery Gallery in Milford

MILFORD, PA— An artists’ reception on Saturday, August 10 from 6 to 9 p.m. follows Friday’s opening day of a month-long, two-artist show at The Artery Gallery, located at 210 Broad St. The show is called “Thoughts and visions of the natural world.”  Read more