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February 2013

Seeds for thought

Our family settled on the old Smith farm, five miles outside of Narrowsburg, 13 years ago.  Read more

Competing for second-home buyers

I’ve been selling real estate in Sullivan County, primarily to second-home buyers from “the city,” for over a decade. It’s been challenging since the real estate market started tumbling, both here and around the nation, in 2007. Both the volume of sales and prices have fallen here about 30% since then. Second homes are a discretionary purchase, and during the darkest days of the recession, buyers were hoarding their acorns.  Read more

‘Good ole boy politics’

Some noted person once said, “All politics is local,” an aphorism exemplified by a story about a political and stunning socialite’s ensnared pooch. On February 8, under the headline, “Illegal trap ensnares pooch by lake,” The Sullivan County Democrat published an in-depth article about Michelle Resnick’s missing and trapped dog. Two Sullivan County police officers were involved in bringing about the dog’s [Chloe] rescue, and a joyous reunion for the Resnick family with their very injured dog.  Read more

Stop ‘subsidizing’ big retail postal customers

Seeking ways to save money, the post office is soliciting ideas. Suspending Saturday mail delivery, it finds, is extremely unpopular. How about charging businesses, those who get the greatest use out of mail delivery, a fair amount for delivering their advertising?

My mailbox is stuffed every week with fliers from stores where I have never shopped and have no intention of ever doing so. Christmas shops? Bed Bath & Beyond? Weis Markets? (I’m going to drive from Milford to Stroudsburg to save $.04 per pound on bananas?)  Read more

Gun resolution passed too hastily?

As was reported in your publication recently, the Cochecton town board saw fit to hastily pass a copycat resolution opposing new gun legislation passed by the New York State Assembly and Senate. I find it interesting that many local legislative bodies are using the very tactic that the state is being criticized for—rushing legislation through before the public has time to react.

Larry H. Richardson
Town of Cochecton, NY

A proposal for Monticello Motor Club

Concerning the Monticello Motor Club: It seems like a simple solution would be for the club to buy the homes of these people who are so upset with the noise. Surely when they are then owned by the MMC, they can be resold to those club followers who would love to live there in the glow of all the activity.

Fran Kurpil
Liberty, NY

Thanks for the inspiration, Marcia

It is with regret that I read Marcia Nehemiah’s final column in the February 14th issue of The River Reporter, as I found many of her eco-minded ideas and suggestions interesting and sometimes unorthodox. Although I was able to incorporate only a few of them into my daily routine, I believe even small changes can be significant to make a difference.

I also want to add that I read Marcia’s book, “Crone Age,” and gifted it to a number of my relatives. Her writing has encouraged me to finally find my own voice by starting a blog for our bakery.

Good luck and best wishes, Marcia.  Read more

The fight against cancer: Imagine a cancer-free tomorrow

Residents of Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) are being offered the opportunity to do something to help fight cancer by volunteering to join a new landmark study in which researchers will look at the lifestyle, behavioral, environmental and genetic factors that cause, or prevent cancer. We at The River Reporter urge NEPA residents to consider enrolling.  Read more

Chorus concert

March 8, 2013

The Wilkes University Chorus at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church as part of their spring concert tour, 7:30pm. Free. 570/430-1755.

Cancellations and delays for March 19

Liberty School District closed

Sullivan County BOCES:Closed for students and 10-month staff. Offices will open at 11am  Read more