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December 04, 2016
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December 2012

Monticello woman stole from elderly relative

A Monticello woman has been charged grand larceny in connection with the theft of approximately $140,000 from an elderly relative. Lila Puzio, 34, was arrested by Sheriff's Detective's on Tuesday December 11, 2012.  Read more

‘Fair trade’ compromised

Many readers of this column will be purchasing gifts with a fair-trade label this holiday season, and often buy fair-trade products, such as coffee and chocolate, throughout the year. Other fair-trade items include bananas, honey, oranges, cotton, fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, nuts, quinoa, rice, spices, sugar, tea, wine, jewelry, home decor items and clothing.  Read more

Just keep walking

[Editor’s note: This “My View,” which has been shortened from its original, is reprinted with permission from Lisa DeNardo’s blog, “Hullabaloo Homestead.” She posted it on December 4. Sadly, far too many people in the Upper Delaware Valley also find themselves facing this kind of financial hardship. You can read the entire blog posting at our link: http://rvrptr.ws/TZHPVF]
  Read more

County employees already contribute

While reading the recent editorial from December 6 regarding the Sullivan County “fiscal cliff,” I became disturbed when seeing that the statement was made that the Sullivan County workers were not willing to give back.

I can mainly speak of the DPW departments but know that the other departments are facing the same issues. Attrition and layoffs have brought all departments down to bare bones. We now have rank-and-file workers doing middle management work for the same pay.  Read more

Questioning tax breaks for businesses

I’m proud of the Sullivan County legislators who hosted last week’s budget meeting and the work they’re doing.

For whatever it’s worth, though, the constant level of attention brought to state mandates and tax exempts is more understandable than helpful, because we continue to lack a county strategy that deals with them where they need to be dealt with—in Albany. It also distracts from our ability to address matters we do control.  Read more

Retail theft arrest in Honsedale

On Tuesday 12-11-12 at 1:00 PM Borough Police investigated a reported retail theft at the Milkweed retail store located at 1023 Main Street.  Read more

A volunteer would examine the county’s budget

I am in thorough agreement with your editorial on our own “fiscal cliff” here in Sullivan County. Government seems to be the only business in the world that can routinely spend more than it makes without serious enough consequences to terminate the practice. I suggest we come up with some serious consequences.

Or, at the least, I would suggest everyone involved, from departmental heads on up, read “Why S.O.B.’s Succeed and Nice Guys Fail in Small Business” (if it is still in print, as I read it a lifetime ago), and start running the county like it needs to break even, because it does.  Read more

Punishing the poor

Somebody standing in line with you at the grocery store sometime this month likely will be paying with a SNAP Access card. SNAP is short for the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, what we used to call food stamps. The Access card is like a debit card; once a month each state electronically deposits a predetermined amount of money in each recipient’s account. The funds for the program come from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Read more

Beaver Run acreage protected in PA

PORTER TOWNSHIP, PA — The Delaware Highlands Conservancy and Beaver Run Hunting and Fishing Club on December 10 celebrated the protection of the 857-acre, natural resource-rich property in southern Pike County.  Read more

Milk Box Derby to benefit cancer victim

The friends of Alexis Bivins, a 14-year-old student at the RJK Middle School who is being treated for a very rare form of cancer, are hosting a Milk Box Derby fundraiser at 10 a.m. on January 12 at Holiday Mountain. The snow date is January 26. The fundraiser will help Alexis’ family with expenses for her treatment. Alexis is being treated for Primitive Undifferentiated Pediatric Sarcoma; only 18 people in the U.S. have this type of cancer.  Read more