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May 02, 2016
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November 2012

‘The true Santa Claus’: A once-in-a-lifetime Christmas gift from Mr. Claus

‘Tis the season of giving. While many are happy to receive material gifts, there are some gifts that have no price value. They are the gifts of life, and they are priceless.  Read more

November 22, 2012 - November 29, 2012

Raymond E. Ferber

Raymond E. Ferber, a truck driver for JML Quarries, died Wednesday, November 21, 2012 in Callicoon, NY. He was 72.

Funeral services were held at the Stewart-Murphy Funeral Home, 34 Upper Main Street, Callicoon, on Saturday November 24, 2012.

Memorial contributions may be made to the charity of one’s choice.

Marvin (Nuggie) Weiss

Marvin (Nuggie) Weiss, a lifetime area resident of White Lake, NY, died Thursday, November 22, 2012. He was 79.  Read more

Efrem Basava Weitzman

The family of Efrem Basava Weitzman of South Fallsburg, NY, regrets to announce his death on November 16, 2012. He died of cancer, at his home, after a short illness.  Read more

What the Dairy Industry Really Needs

Editor’s note: Caught between the high price of feed and fuel and the low price they get for their milk, local dairy farmers lose money every time they milk a cow. Statistics show that nationwide, dairy farmers lost $10.05 for every hundred pounds of milk they sold in July; in August, -$9.52; and in September, -$9.40. It’s a wonder any of the small, family farms we know in our area can stay in business! (If this keeps up, some will not.)
  Read more

Alternative gift giving: share the joy while doing good

Last year I gave my sister a goat for Christmas. The thing is that she doesn’t’ live in Wayne County; she lives in Baltimore, and she certainly can’t have a goat there. So it actually wasn’t for her. The goat went to a family in Kenya. However, it was a gift given in her name through Heifer International, and she received an email and a card with my warm wishes, a picture of a goat and a description of the program that helps to feed families and make them self-sufficient. (Heifer gives families at least a breeding pair and some training so they can start their own herd.) My sister loved it.  Read more

To the grunts among us

There is a saying in the military—when someone calls you a POG (pronounced POOG), it means Person Other than Grunt. FYI: A grunt can take anything.

After Hurricane Sandy, local volunteer fire department companies, EMS, sheriffs departments, state police and National Guard, along with the countless local organizations (too many to mention in this letter) went downstate into a war zone; I witnessed the destruction first hand.  Read more

Can’t we talk about it?

Why have there been no public hearings on one of the most important legislative events of our lifetimes? We mean the proposed amendment of the New York Constitution to allow full-scale casino gambling. The amendment requires two legislative votes and then a referendum. The first vote took place out of the public eye and without debate or community input in an all-night session. It is no secret that the gambling industry poured millions upon millions of dollars in contributions to legislators in the hope of securing a positive vote. They got it; the first vote was affirmative.  Read more

Buckingham: Join the UDC

After reading about all the hardships many people endured to get out and vote in our recent election, I couldn’t help but consider how powerful the right to vote is and how the township I live in isn’t exercising its right and responsibility to do so when it comes to being a member of the Upper Delaware Council (UDC).  Read more

Simpler times

While many Americans bask in the afterglow of frenzied Black Friday shopping, others among us are forced to opt out of this post-Thanksgiving ritual. Caught between rising prices for life’s basic necessities—food, clothing and energy—and wages that fail to keep pace, many simply have less discretionary income and a reduced standard of living. Thus this year, Christmas will be more modest for many of us.  Read more

Increased penalties for assaulting PA conservation officials

HARRISBURG, PA — A new law, which takes effect on Dec. 23, increases the maximum penalty for anyone convicted of assaulting a Wildlife Conservation Officer (WCO) or Deputy WCO to a first-degree felony, punishable by up to 40 years in prison.  Read more