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October 2012

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Edward W. Kraus

Edward W. Kraus, a lifelong area resident, passed away on Tuesday, September 25, 2012. He was 98.

He was born in Narrowsburg, NY on December 18, 1913 to the late Anthony and Elizabeth Korn Kraus.  Read more

A secular ceremony

When you’re short on religion, as is my family, you have to make your own ceremonies for important occasions. It helps if you have good planning skills. We don’t. In spite of all our shortcomings and recent obstacles, like my aunt’s stroke, we wanted to have a family memorial for my uncle at the place he loved best, on Fire Island. His cremains had been languishing since May on a marble mantelpiece in the townhouse he shared with his wife for the last 40 years of his life.  Read more

Dairy farmers receive another black eye

Despite hundreds of petitions sent to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture asking for a milk hearing, despite the fact that dairy farmers are caught up in the worst price cost squeeze since the Depression days, and despite nearly half of the counties in the United States having been designated a drought disaster area, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture has announced that he is turning down the request from the petitioners to hold a national milk [price] hearing.  Read more

Peeved about politics

I would like to take this opportunity to express my disgust about the race for the 19th Congressional seat in Washington, DC.  Read more

The old Narrowsburg School

The Solution Project was pleased to see, in the recent articles in The River Reporter and Sullivan County Democrat, that most of the parties listed as being interested in the Narrowsburg School property would most likely be interested in developing the property along similar lines to those we have envisioned.  Read more

Why not a radio debate?

Election Day is a little more than a month away.

The two candidates running for the one seat on the Tusten Town Board have such differing opinions and ideas on how to lead our township at a crucial time in the growth of Tusten, I suggest a radio debate sponsored by either WJFF or WVOS where similar questions are asked to the candidate’s opinions regarding the following four current topics:
1. Each candidate’s opinion of drilling and high impact uses in their township.
2. Each candidate’s opinion of current zoning and comprehensive plans in their township.  Read more

Confused about organic food?

Early last month, researchers from Stanford University published a study that concluded organic fruits and vegetables have no significant nutritional advantage over conventionally grown food. News headlines ranged from USA Today’s “Study sees no nutritional edge in organic food” all the way to one online blogger’s “Study: Organic Food is Just a Crock” from the Daily Caller. Right away, people took sides, rejecting or applauding the study’s conclusion.  Read more

First Zane Grey Challenge

A field trip with a future

LACKAWAXEN, PA — “Is this the Hudson River?” asked one student, gesturing at the Delaware River as it flowed past the Zane Grey Museum in Lackawaxen. That’s exactly why Port Jervis Middle School science teacher Paddy McCarthy decided to resurrect and reconfigure an academic competition that he participated in while growing up in Narrowsburg, NY and still values highly today. “These are the kids that need to get out and be challenged and recognize what we have here,” he said.  Read more

U.S. Postal Service defaults on $5 billion; hours at dozens of local centers may be cut

RIVER VALLEY — The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) was supposed to send a check for $5.6 billion to the U.S. Treasury by September 30 to prefund the cost of health benefits for future retirees. But for the second month in a row, USPS could not make the payment because it didn’t have the money. The payment, however, is only part of the agency’s problem.  Read more

Bacon shortage debunked; but local dairy farmers see higher feed prices

Last week an obscure British organization called the National Pig Association launched a wave of stories here in the U.S. with a press release that said, “A world shortage of pork and bacon next year is now unavoidable.”  Read more