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October 2012

Hendrickson running for Bethel Town Council

My name is Lillian Hendrickson and I am running for Bethel Town Council. I believe we’re best served when public officials listen to residents. I will listen and take action. Pressing issues face Bethel. We deserve a council member who will fight for open, transparent and responsive government. I will work for all Bethel citizens and respond to your concerns.  Read more

A local judge for Supreme Court

As a practicing attorney, former president of the Sullivan County Bar Association and an elected official, I am proud to write today in support of my friend and colleague Stephan Schick as a candidate for the New York State Supreme Court for the 3rd Judicial District. Stephan Schick is an accomplished trial attorney, handling all manners of trials, including hundreds of felony trials at the superior court level. His 35-year career as an attorney has been devoted to the people of Sullivan County and almost exclusively within the courthouse where he will sit.  Read more

Tusten voters urged: see the back of the ballot

For decades the four Tusten town council people and the supervisor have been working in harmony on decisions regarding the town. Each member of the five-member board brings a different perspective based on their education, occupation, family and life experience.  Read more

Setting the record straight

In a recent campaign flyer, candidate for the Town of Tusten town board, Ned Lang, wrote that: “Our Zoning Rewrite Committee has now been comprised mostly of individuals whom are not taxpayers/stakeholders and are deciding the future direction of our Town.”  Read more

Vote based on issues, not personal attacks

In the past few days an anonymous group of private contributors, Friends of Ned Lang, has unleashed a barrage of malicious personal attacks against Tusten town council member Andrea Reynosa, hoping that voters won’t notice that the ads say nothing about how Ned Lang intends to deal with and resolve the serious issues facing the town, should he be elected. Candidates who engage in this kind of mudslinging trust that no one will check and call them out on their slanderous statements. But the truth is there to be found.  Read more

The power is ours

In a democracy, there are different ways for people to be empowered. In the run-up to Election Day on Tuesday, one way seems obvious: at the ballot box, citizens still hold real power—one man, one woman, one vote at a time—if they chose to exercise it. Another vehicle for empowerment can be seen these days every time a group of citizens gathers in Orange County at the construction site of a natural gas compressor station in the Town of Minisink, NY to raise their voices and hoist their protest signs against an industrial-scale project being built in their residential neighborhood.  Read more

Hurricane Sandy slices through the region

REGION — The remnants of Hurricane Sandy blew through the Upper Delaware Valley on October 29 and 30, snapping trees, downing power lines and wreaking havoc with winds that gusted over 60 miles per hour. By the morning of October 30 in Sullivan County, NY, 24,300 NYSEG customers were without power. In Wayne County, PA, PPL reported that 20,078 were out, and in Pike County, PA, the number was 13,705.  Read more

Mort Malkin walks his talk

UPPER DELAWARE REGION — With the general election looming, Milanville, PA resident Mort Malkin has taken to the streets to draw attention to the fact that voters have more than two candidates to choose from when casting their vote for the nation’s next president on November 6.  Read more

Minisink compressor fight continues; earth-moving machines in action

TOWN OF MINISINK, NY — Neighborhood children lined up in front of a prosperous-looking home on a street with acres of manicured lawn and echoed the chants of their parents. “Who are we?” the young girl shouted. “Minisink,” her friends responded. “What do we want?” “Justice.”  Read more

Victory over weight problem; local couple sheds 260 pounds

The decision that Matthew Brown would have to undergo bariatric surgery to deal with his weight problem had been made. At about 500 pounds, it was decided this was necessary for his health.
But first he and his wife, Donna Reid Brown, decided to go on a anniversary vacation to the British Virgin Islands.  Read more