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October 2012

So vote, already

Even though I think this presidential election is clearly between two opposing points of world-view, I find it hard to get caught up in the drama of it, as I have in the past. Maybe it’s my age. My generation has seen its share of pivotal elections—Stevenson v. Ike, Nixon v. Kennedy, Bush, Sr. v. Clinton, Gore v. Bush, Jr. Each time the zealots on both sides have predicted doom should the other side win. And if it were true, we are living in it. Maybe we are.  Read more

Tribute to the Delaware River

Precious river, many people depend on you for their laughter, joy, comfort and peace of mind. Your majesty is vast. Your true beauty and strength are obvious and yet, hidden. One can only get the feel of just how strong you are when surrounded by your steady movement, your journey, your intense focus to get to the destination—to share and reunite with your sister waters.  Read more

Endorsement for Hendrickson

Those of us who know Lillian Hendrickson can assure our voters that she is a dynamo of energy to whom hard work means little. Her many years of efficient and dedicated service to our community more than justifies her designation as the Democratic candidate for town council.

Lillian is a source of pride to our community, particularly her years of service as director of the Sullivan County Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) since 2005.  Read more

Steven Schick for Supreme Court Justice

I would respectfully like to state two reasons why Stephan Schick should be elected one of the New York State Supreme Court Justices of the 3rd Judicial District.

First, Mr. Schick is highly qualified and experienced as head of Sullivan Legal Aid, which supervised the representation of litigants in over 10,000 family court cases and 60,000 county court cases. As such, he is understanding and compassionate, but also a straight talker advising of the hard reality of legal situations.

The second reason to vote for Mr. Schick -to me and many more out there- is equally important.  Read more

A mom’s-eye view of Andrea Reynosa

At birth, Andrea embraced the world with zeal and great determination. Born with an easy temperament and affable personality, she demonstrated interest early on in people, art and nature. She had an endearing fascination with sketching horses, and was awarded a savings bond from the Laguna Art Festival for several horse etchings.  Read more

Join Hinchey: vote for Schreibman

We've been lucky to have Maurice Hinchey as our Congressman for two decades.

As Hinchey prepares to retire, he came to Callicoon last week to give his full endorsement to Julian Schreibman to replace him. After talking with Schreibman on several occasions, I am convinced that he is the right man to fill Hinchey's shoes. Schreibman shares my values as a hard-working member of the middle class. He respects affordable health care and Medicare for seniors. I am impressed with him as a person and as a prosecutor.  Read more

Correcting the record in Tusten

Some postcards mailed recently to Tusten residents contain erroneous information about the Green Jobs-Green New York program through which New York State residents can obtain home audits and low-interest loans to make energy-conserving upgrades to their homes. The program is administered by NYSERDA, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.  Read more

Increased suicide rates

I recently learned at my EMT Refresher course that suicide is now the leading cause of death by injury. As per the American Journal of Public Health, suicides have surpassed car crashes as the nation’s leading cause of injury-related deaths.  Read more

Congressman Gibson’s accomplishments

I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Congressman Chris Gibson during his reelection campaign. What I saw in him was a man of conviction, honor and true leadership.

Congressman Gibson has accomplished a tremendous amount while serving in Congress. He led the effort to save the federal broadband loan program, he helped to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating spilled milk like spilled oil, he got needed federal aid to upstate New York after Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee and he has accomplished various other goals.  Read more

Every vote counts

The Pike County Democratic Committee notes with profound dismay and great concern that the Republican-dominated Corbett administration persists in its attempt to suppress voter turnout in the upcoming election. This is despite the recent ruling of the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court postponing enforcement of the hotly-contested Photo Voter ID Law.  Read more