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August 2012

The show will go on

On Friday, July 20, a sick and unstable individual stained the experience and joy of one of this country’s favorite pastimes: going to the movies. In this isolated incident, people out for an evening of pleasure were thrust in harm’s way, with tragic consequences.  Read more

Downsizing for the future

“I don’t want to end up like my father,” my Narrowsburg neighbor tells me. His 98-year-old father lives alone in his own home, reliant on family to bring him meals and keep him company. His life savings went to pay for nursing home care for his ailing wife and he retired from yard work last year at age 97.  Read more

Let’s get it right

The ill-conceived resolution the Town of Delaware passed at its June meeting in response to a citizen’s request that the board look into the issue of gas drilling undermines the property rights of the vast majority of the citizens of our town. In the name of property rights, it upholds the rights of a small minority who will profit from hydro-fracking leases at the expense of the rest of us, who will see our property values plummet and our taxes go up to subsidize the infrastructure the industry requires and to pay for the damages resulting from its activities.  Read more

Hypocrisy in milk pricing

Congress went on its August recess without taking action on the federal Farm Bill—a piece of omnibus legislation that comes around once every five years or so containing policies and programs in a variety of different agricultural areas—which expires on September 30. But for dairy farmers, whether and when the bill passes won’t make much difference anyway. For years they have pressed for a milk pricing system that is set to cover their costs of production.  Read more

Callicoon library to get a facelift

The Delaware Free Library on Main Street in Callicoon will be getting an upgrade starting later this month, thanks to a donation from a local patron and a New York State library construction grant, in addition to existing library funds. Work is expected to be completed sometime in 2013.  Read more

Renaissance judging imminent

Teams of experts from outside Sullivan County will spend August 9 to 12 visiting 25 Sullivan Renaissance projects before selecting winners in three beautification categories and honoring one project for the best overall showing of flowers. For the first year, judges will also recognize one of 11 long-time maintenance participants for the abundance of flowers in their community.  Read more

County conducts economic development survey

County Manager David Fanslau has announced the issuance of an Economic Development Survey as a first step in the development of a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategic Plan for Sullivan County. The survey has been sent out to employers in the county.  Read more

Women Who Make a Difference named

The SUNY Sullivan Foundation has announced its 2012 Women Who Make a Difference honorees. They will be honored during a ceremony and cocktail reception at the Club at Villa Roma on August 23 at 5:30 p.m.  Read more

A cornucopia of local pork;Pig Mountain Two features vegetables, too

“One of those things that people are drawn to, as we know in the food world, is pork. People who love pork love it with a certain level of love that only compares to, say, chocolate or beer. Those are the three things that, in the food world, we sort of know that, if there are events surrounding those things, it moves things. And there are pigs there, and vegetables.”  Read more

Workforce Wayne adds new training lab

One of the first things an employer looks at in considering moving into a new area or an existing business considers expanding into a new product, is the quality of the workforce. “Are the skills I need there?” is the question.
Knowing this to be true, the businesses that are on the board of Workforce Wayne are always looking for avenues or infrastructures that will develop such a workforce. A training lab is part of the answer.  Read more