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July 2012

County to address teen alcohol and drug issues

Sullivan County Legislator Cora Edwards, Chair of the Public Safety and Law Enforcement Committee, will hold a discussion of a proposed “Social Host” local law at the next meeting of the committee.  Read more

What happened to the fireworks?

When the Narrowsburg Fire Department and the Narrowsburg Chamber of Commerce no longer wished to sponsor the annual July 4th fireworks, the Lava Fire Department didn’t miss a beat and volunteered. Expense was a concern, but they believed they would be able to cover the cost with donations as the other two organizations had done in the past. Their first concern was to continue a tradition that has been part of Narrowsburg July 4th celebrations for as long as anyone could remember.  Read more

A salute to spirit and courage

I am not naïve enough to believe that there aren’t people who delight in other peoples’ suffering. I observed this first hand as rumors, false accusations and fear surfaced about the Walls. It was evident that there was no level playing field for the Walls, their family and friends. Many had convicted the Walls before any factual evidence was brought forward. In the end charges were withdrawn, but even now, the facts and innocence have done nothing to stop the condemnation.  Read more

Truthland plays Beach Lake; 100 turn out for the anti-Gasland movie

The power of director Josh Fax’s movie Gasland is apparent in the publicity materials for its pro-drilling counter-part Truthland. That film, which had a screening at the Beach Lake Fire House on June 19, according to the movie’s website, owes its very existence to Gasland, and the questions it raised in the mind of would-be lease-holders everywhere.  Read more

So much for neutrality

The Delaware Town Board has finally come out from behind its claim of “neutrality.”

According to Councilman Hal Roeder the property rights of those who want to drill supersede all other concerns. To Roeder the concerns about health are “bullcrap.” And he assures us that the reasons fracking was banned in the NYC watershed don’t apply here; I guess there’s no turbidity in our unfiltered water. He was reminded that property rights are not without limits. He scoffed.  Read more

No fireworks this time

I take issue with the lack of editorial review that was made apparent by the June 27 article by Sandy Long titled “An Independence Day dilemma: American icons at issue.” Long leads the reader to believe that at least two eagles have been injured due to the fireworks displays that have been a Narrowsburg tradition for the better part of a century. How can you allow Ms. Long to make the assumption that the injured birds were the victims of the fireworks display? A previous River Reporter article referenced in Ms.  Read more

Looking for a safe July 4 week

In anticipation of the safe July 4 week, the National Park Service (NPS) has posted Pennsylvania and New York river access signs with bi-lingual messages that warn swimmers and boaters of the Upper Delaware’s strong current, sudden drop-offs and hidden obstacles. These signs are part of a water safety campaign to encourage river users to wear lifejackets.  Read more

A false dichotomy

A resolution was recently passed in the Town of Delaware that seems innocent on the face of it—maybe even freedom-affirming. It says that “any landowner or entity that owns the rights to minerals within the corporate bounds of the Town of Delaware, has the right to determine how they exercise and protect their mineral rights.”  Read more

Traditional foods for better health

Two regional organizations that focus on promoting healthier diets while building community have organized a series of workshops to provide opportunities to learn more about traditional foods. The latest session focused on raw milk and the health benefits of cultured dairy such as yogurt, kefir and butter.  Read more

Mansion at Noble Lane opens; grandeur of a former age with contemporary touches

Anyone who was familiar with the old mansion outside of Bethany in former years and who came to the formal opening last weekend was likely astonished by the makeover accomplished by its new owner, Monique Greenwood and her husband Glenn Pogue.  Read more