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May 2012

Richard ‘Dick’ Rhodes: a river patrolman passes on his paddle

UPPER DELAWARE REGION – A true servant leader is now at rest after making the waters of the Delaware River a much safer place for the past 33 years. Until the day he died on April 17 following a battle with cancer, Richard “Dick” Rhodes was still preparing to save lives during the upcoming season by sending out an email message to fellow river patrol members about their upcoming training.  Read more

Local bat researchers shed ultraviolet light on white nose syndrome

SHOHOLA, PA — Bat researchers based in Shohola are employing an unconventional tool—ultraviolet light—in efforts to unlock another piece of the puzzle that is white nose syndrome (WNS), the mysterious disease that started in the Albany, NY area in 2005-06 that has killed millions of bats and continues to spread. One potential outcome of the research could be clues to a precursor condition that sets the stage for further development of the fungal phase that typically leads to a bat’s death.  Read more

Clarence Foster House’s future in doubt

The Clarence Foster House, which stands north of the Wayne County Courthouse at 927 Court Street, may have to be taken down. The house, which has been vacant for a few years, will receive an independent review of structural findings and a hazmat analysis by CECO Associates, an engineering firm, according to the recommendation of Stephen J. Knash, county engineer.  Read more

Take me to your leader

Like many of us, I have interest in a myriad of subjects. Gardening, nature, astronomy and ancient history top my list, but there is a subset of fascinating topics that creep into my thoughts on a consistent basis. Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster and the Bermuda Triangle are but a few of the themes that attract me. Truth be told, I have given a fair amount of attention to one area of interest over the others: UFOs.  Read more

Callicoon Democrats question comp plan;is it designed to attract drilling?

Some Democrats are charging that the Town of Callicoon Draft Comprehensive Plan is designed to facilitate gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing, despite the results of a town-wide survey that suggest the residents don’t want industrial activity in the town.  Read more

‘The one that got away’

Every once in a while a story comes along that strikes right at the nerve of the community. It takes on a life of its own. You might guess it’s one of those topics like school merger or gas leasing. Serious issues, yes, but forget those. They will fade away. There is nothing that brings even the most reticent out of the woodwork than the debate over the local existence of the mountain lion.  Read more

Speak up on Local Law #3

The Town of Highland will be facing a critically important decision soon, whether to ban natural gas extraction by amending our zoning law. Under consideration is Local Law #3, which has been approximately two years in development. The question of how the town should respond to the possibility of natural gas exploration has been under discussion since 2008. In the intervening years, the town has grappled with the issue of whether the town can control or ban natural gas extraction within the town, and should it do so.  Read more

Baffled in Eldred

There is a story about a gentleman who was feeling ill. So he went to the store and asked the people shopping there what might be wrong. They suggested arthritis, stomach flu and sinus infection. He became more concerned. So he went to the post office and checked with the patrons. They agreed it could be Lyme disease. Extremely afraid, the man went to a local fundraising dinner and there, his worst fears were confirmed: he had cancer.  Read more

Unanswered questions

Residents who turned out for a discussion of the Town of Callicoon’s draft comprehensive plan the other night must have been disappointed. Although the meeting was billed as a “public workshop,” and the entire comprehensive plan committee was present, no one on the committee answered a single question about the plan. Certified planner Nan Stolzenburg gave an excellent description of the planning process and how a plan should reflect the views of the entire community, but she readily admitted she could not explain why the committee had made some of its decisions.  Read more

Save the bridge

Zac Stuart-Pontier, in his provocative column in The River Reporter last week, raises an issue that many of us thought was dead: a new bridge to replace the historic structure at Pond Eddy. PennDot would have us believe the project is a done deal, but from what I have read, that organization does not even have a design nor all of the necessary permitting. Furthermore, historic preservation groups and legislators are once again giving the project a critical eye.  Read more