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December 08, 2016
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February 2012

Easy winter living

I have a terrarium of moss and ferns that we planted in a glass domed cake plate—the type of plate you see upon a diner counter with a carrot cake inside. My terrarium sits in the middle of my kitchen table like a green island of spring. I like to lift the lid off the pedestal and breathe in its moist, pungent woodland smell. It is a world unto itself. We planted it so as to have some green in the winter months, but without the contrast of winter whiteness it doesn’t have quite the same effect.  Read more

The fracking President

I see by the recent State of the Union speech that Obama is making a bid to be remembered as “the fracking President.” He repeats the industry claim that there is 100 years’ worth of natural gas in the U.S., and that we are the “Saudi Arabia of gas.”  Read more

Signage and smoking in Lumberland

With so much publicity surrounding the high-impact industrial use and conservation easement provisions of the proposed Lumberland zoning code, the provisions that impose content-based restrictions on signage and ban practically all smoke-emitting activities, not only in public areas, but also on private land, appear to have gone largely unnoticed.  Read more

Cut ‘em some slack

So one of the first decisions by our new county legislature—to place the county’s tourism promotion contract out for bid—could have been handled differently and in a more open manner. But the honeymoon ended before it began.  Read more

Time to look elsewhere

Kathy LaBuda, Gene Benson, Cindy Gieger, Scott Samuelson and Cora Edwards deserve a lot of credit for having the fortitude in voting to put out a request for proposals for the Sullivan County tourism contract.

Cynics claim this move was political, but who are they kidding? The Sullivan County Visitors Association has always been political. I am sure it wasn’t just a coincidence that the association was tipped off by the county clerk’s office that a not-for-profit was formed by three honest and respectable people. So what if they are Democrats?  Read more

No more same-old, same-old

I’ve heard that the Sullivan County Visitors Association (SCVA) has been awarded millions of our tax dollars for more than a decade to run tourism for Sullivan County.

Now that the new legislature wants to open up the process and look to see if anyone else has a legitimate proposal to promote tourism in Sullivan County, there seems to be much dissension coming from SCVA members.  Read more

Brown should resign

I took notice of your article, “Tax consultant slams Bethel assessor; charges bias against weekenders, Jewish property owners.” While I cannot speak to the allegations of discrimination, even a quick Freedom of Information Law look at the books is enough to see why Brown must resign as Bethel tax assessor.  Read more

Robin Hood was right

Company mergers result in the workers being fewer in number than before the merger. The CEO’s salary goes up even if the company profits are down. The workers’ salaries stay even or go down due to health costs, or to keep the company in the black. The company profit has no effect on workers’ salaries (wages). But the CEO and shareowner do experience increases in pay and the price of shares of company stock. The workers are the first to go and last (if ever) to receive a pay raise.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times—then the French Revolution came and heads came off.  Read more

Open letter to Senator Lisa Baker

Many of the citizens of Pennsylvania are getting extremely concerned and upset about the gas drilling going on in Pennsylvania. The immediate concern is obviously the bills currently before the legislature regarding impact fees and local zoning of gas drilling. They need to be stopped and you need to start all over. It is unfortunate that Representative Peifer feels that the proposed impact fee is the best thing since sliced bread and that it’s alright to take away our towns’ rights to restrict zoning regarding the gas industry.  Read more

Thank you, Congressman Hinchey

The news we received two weeks ago that New York State Congressman Maurice Hinchey plans to retire at the end of his current term saddened us on two counts. It is, first, a loss for the 22nd District, which he represents. But second, and even more importantly, it is a loss for the nation.  Read more