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November 2011


Assemblywoman Aileen M. Gunther (D, C-Forestburgh) announced this afternoon that a bill she co-sponsored (A6305a/S4005a) requiring health insurance providers to offer coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) was signed into law by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today.  Read more

Wingert/Harrison ad not placed by Tusten Concerned Citizens

NARROWSBURG, NY — An advertisement that appeared on page 12 of our print paper reads “Paid for by Tusten Concerned Citizens.” It was not in fact paid for by that group.

It is necessary to have a “paid for by” line on political advertising, and the individual who placed the ad revised the copy for this line in the final revision. We did not catch or question the change in the disclosure line.  Read more

Wood a pillar of the community

Russ Wood Jr., candidate for town council in Mamakating, is my brother. I felt compelled to write this letter in the hope of giving voters a glimpse into the man I know, the one who has quietly and humbly been involved with his community since he was young. He and his wife were instrumental in bringing the Little League in the area back to life, and both dedicated countless hours over several years to teams of kids in this area. He also contributes to a dozen other efforts without ever expecting a word of recognition.  Read more

Swendsen for highway superintendent

We are voting for Glenn Swendsen for the Superintendent of Highways in the Town of Tusten. We have known Glenn for a long time, and throughout that time have found him to be an honest hard-working, down-in-the-trenches type of person. We are convinced that Glenn is the best candidate for the job. He will bring to the position new leadership and will maintain a constant vigil on how our tax dollars are being spent. There will be no spending on projects that are not needed, and we believe that equipment purchases will be more closely monitored.  Read more

Sturm good on gas drilling

Here we go again with the bashing and complaining. I think the Town of Bethel Supervisor will do everything he can to prevent the gas drilling in Sullivan County. People don’t realize you have to start from the bottom up to get where you want to be. I think Dan Sturm has done a wonderful job in all aspects of his career and to the people of Bethel.  Read more

Masuo steps up in Shohola

If you'd asked me three years ago if I was interested in running for Shohola Township supervisor, I would have answered with an emphatic "no." But I believe when you see a bad situation, you need to step up to the plate and do something about it.

We need a pro-active, effective board of supervisors for Shohola, one with a vision for the future based on more than a push for "development" and the statement, "I should be able to do whatever I want to with my land.”  Read more

Justus for town council

On this upcoming Election Day, I will be voting for Robert Justus for Mamakating Town Council and proudly supporting the rest of the Republican slate to help make improvements in my community.

I met Dr. Justus as I was entering middle school, and I know he truly cares about making Mamakating a better place. Over the years, he has spent countless hours working with teenagers such as myself to obtain jobs and college scholarships, while improving our streets and parks. Mamakating needs Robert Justus and his running mates on the Mamakating Town Board.

Anthony Nittoli
Wurtsboro NY

Baird and Wood for Mamakating

I am a Mamakating resident, and for the first time in a long time I am encouraged about our forward motion. I think we have a strong leader in Harold Baird, who is helping to move us in the right direction. We are finally being business friendly, which is incredibly important if we are going to bring taxes down. We could certainly all use the relief.  Read more

Russ Wood for Mamakating council

I have been friends with Russ Wood for over 10 years. Russ, a great friend and family man, would be a strong asset to the Mamakating Town Board. Russ and his dad Woody are the owners of a successful business that is based in the town of Mamakating. Russ is committed to making the town a better place. Many times you will see him and his family offering a hand when needed. It could be as simple as shoveling a side walk or chipping in to put lights for the holidays.  Read more

Telling the truth in Bethel

Since you last elected me as your judge, I was pressured, but resisted the inappropriate demands by the court clerk and town supervisor. For years, the Court had been plagued by waste and misconduct. I insisted that we run the court according to the laws of New York State. I enlisted the support of the Judge Ceresia, Administrative Judg,e to help me correct the problems in the court. Scurrilous lies were fabricated about me, which were read publicly.  Read more