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November 2011

Cora Edwards and the grant

I was disturbed by recent claims from political candidates who stated that they brought significant grants into the county. The recent case of Cora Edwards taking credit for the County's broadband grant is just the latest example. Where I come from, you don’t try to take credit for work you didn’t actually do but only contributed to from the sidelines, if at all. More than anything, it is deeply disrespectful of the people in government departments or agencies who actually DID all the writing, filled in the forms, collected all the information needed and sent the whole packages in.  Read more

Canfield for Damascus

The forthcoming Damascus Supervisor election is very important. No matter who is elected, the Board will have to deal with a range of crucial issues, issues that require both understanding and expertise. The article by Tom Kane in the last issue of the River Reporter is a major contribution to the community, one that makes the choices very clear.  Read more

Tree preservation a problem in Highland

Last week, the Town of Highland Town Hall was filled with a large number of residents who took time from their busy lives to communicate their thoughts on the proposed revised comprehensive plan.  Read more

Property rights for all

Harold Roeder, a candidate for the Delaware Town Board, recently said, “The overwhelming thing is the individual’s right to their property; it doesn’t matter pro or con.” Pro or con! We should ask this champion of property rights how he feels about Compulsory Integration. Compulsory integration is a provision in NYS Environmental Conservation Law (ECL Article 23) that the gas lobbyists got passed; it says that if a gas company claims (no evidence required) that 60% of a designated 640 acres is leased, the other 40% can have the gas taken from under their property (no matter how their owners feel about it.)  Read more

Deception about Wingert

Driving around town last week, it seemed that some of the Democratic Party heads have encouraged more deception with campaign signs that somehow blame Carol Wingert for the closing of the Narrowsburg School. It’s almost as if they hired some unprincipled ex-advertising exec (redundant) to sell this notion to the trusting people of our community, at the same time blaming me for previous campaign tactics.  Read more

Where’s the money?

Sullivan County Manager David Fanslau was wrong to dismiss residents’ interest in the 2012 proposed budget as partisan politics. People want the budget to see where the money is going and whose taxes will be raised and whose services, salaries and jobs will be cut to pay for it. One thing is sure: none of this money will be taken from top county management or elected officials.  Read more

Babicz’s record

Responding to Paul Hubert's letter in the Sullivan County Democrat of, October 28, I would like to thank him for the opportunity to remind Town of Callicoon taxpayers/voters that the $300,000 I made available for a municipal solar project was voted down, not once , but twice, by the board he so admires.  Read more

Reasons to vote

If drilling comes to our region, the crime rate will probably rise. Sherriff Scott Busching of Williams County, ND said: "Small towns enjoying a boom in oil and gas drilling are seeing a sharp increase in drunken driving, bar fights and other hell-raising…. The drilling industry has brought with it a hard-working, hard-drinking, rough-and-tumble element that, in some places, threatens to overwhelm law enforcement…. We have come to the point here where we're almost overwhelmed. It's very close," he said, according to the Times-Herald Record.  Read more

Anything to win an election

Some people will do anything to win an election. I am particularly referring to a letter to the editor published in The River Reporter by Bruce Ferguson, who is running for Supervisor in the Town of Callicoon.  Read more

Election Special Section

Fulfilling the newspaper’s mission to help readers make informed voting decisions, Issues 2013 is a comprehensive guide to the local elections in the Upper Delaware River Valley. From candidate’s statements to articles on the contested local races, Issues 2013 promises to provide the reader with full coverage of the local election scene.  Read more