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October 2011

Say ‘cheese’

Last week I made mozzarella cheese. It put a new spin on the old nursery rhyme. Now I know what “curds and whey” really are.  Read more

Taking back our government

Once again, Sullivan County officials are attacking employee benefits to address the mess they have made of county finances. Under the pretext of cutting costs, county manager David Fanslau and legislature chairman Jonathan Rouis proposed and pushed through a radical change in county health insurance coverage that will seriously and adversely affect current and retired employees without realizing the touted savings.  Read more

Good news

Good news. Really. In these tough economic times where all the news is grim there is a bright spot in the economy, our economy. It is tourism.

The recent Oxford Economics report concludes that statewide tourism increased by eight percent. Pretty good, huh? But hold onto your hats: tourism in Sullivan County jumped 10.7%, yup, almost 11%.

Tourism in Sullivan County generated $21 million in local Sullivan County taxes and another $21 million in New York State taxes. Forty-two million dollars generated by visitor spending of $345.  Read more

Luchsinger is best for Callicoon

For supervisor of the Town of Cochecton, I will vote for Claudine Luchsinger on the Rural Heritage Party line. While I like and respect all the current board members, they have gotten themselves stuck in the mud on the issue of protecting the town from the hazards of heavy industries such as gas drilling. While some neighboring towns have been seriously exploring zoning enhancements that will preserve home rule and local control, Cochecton has remained bogged down in neutral on the road to the future.  Read more

Defending a way of life

As the debate over drilling continues and the elections draw near, our communities are at a critical juncture. Residents of towns above the Marcellus Shale—not the multi-national energy corporations—must shape the outcome. To continue to make our communities places to be proud of, to raise our families in this safe and beautiful environment, we must work and communicate with each other.  Read more

The whispering campaign in Callicoon

I suppose deliberate misinformation and false rumors are a part of many political campaigns, but this year there are some real whoppers going around in the Town of Callicoon. It seems people are being told that if I’m elected, I’ll ban gas drilling in the town, and then the town will be sued for millions of dollars.  Read more

Delaware Democrats best for stewardship

There is a hierarchy of needs that every living thing must have. The most basic are water, air and food. I have been blessed with these.

In the very near future we, in our area, will be determining if these are blessings we will protect or possibly destroy. I urge each and every one to consider all the consequences of our possibly destroying our God-given, life-giving nonrenewable resources.  Read more

In support of Jodi Goodman

I do not reside in Sullivan County District 6, but would like to appeal to the voters in that district to vote for Legislator Jodi Goodman. I know both Jodi Goodman and Cora Edwards.

Cora Edwards was instrumental in stopping a multi-million dollar home development in Swan Lake. I am amazed that she has the support of any labor union, considering the number of jobs and the tax revenue lost to Sullivan County. We have worked very hard to revitalize Swan Lake, and needed the economic boost that this development would have provided.  Read more

Without boundaries: A found poem*

My family has been here for four generations
My wife and I bought property here six years ago
My family and I, we’ve had a house here for 18 years
My family has been coming here since 1900

    I grew up in the Catskills
    I swam in the streams, the lakes
    I went fishing, I climbed the mountains
    I ate the corn.

I was born in Callicoon
Raised in Eldred
I live in Cochecton
I have two businesses on Main Street
I am not an outsider though I live in Glen Spey
Don’t you know me? Then get over to the library  Read more


Sheri Abramson passed away peacefully at Achieve Nursing Home in Liberty, NY on October 15, 2011. She was 50.

Sheri was born in Brooklyn, NY on April 8, 1961 to the late Irving and Dorothy Abramson.

Sheri was a graduate of Monticello High School. She was an active volunteer in the The Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop for many years. She also volunteered as a patient advocate at the Achieve Nursing Home while a resident there.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to the dedicated staff at Achieve who cared for her.  Read more