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September 2011

News in brief

Tar sand protest arrest tally tops 1,200

WASHINGTON, DC — A civil disobedience demonstration in front of the White House, protesting the construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline that has been proposed to carry oil from Canada’s tar sands concluded last Friday after its planned two-week run. As of the last day, 1,250 people had been arrested.  Read more

The ‘Freedom’ Towers

“Now things will have to change,” was my first cogent thought after witnessing the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. It didn’t take long for me to make the connection between these horrific acts and the desperation engendered in the world by a corporate system run amok. Before the TV anchors had figured out that the two planes weren’t a fluke, I knew that much. But what a fool I was.  Read more

Sullivan County and civilization

Just last week, it came to me that civilization is breaking down. All the wonderful joys of living that I had experienced in many years of life seemed to be vanishing.

Take the economy. The rich getting richer, the middle class and poor struggling like never before, top government officials playing tag for power and not caring about us, the people. Even neighbor against neighbor, fighting over the drilling issue for money from natural gas.  Read more

Good neighbors would do more to mitigate

In regard to the article “Monticello Motor Club defended” in the August 17 issue: I am one of the neighbors, a member of the Concerned Citizens of the Town of Thompson, who has had the quality of my life greatly impeded by that club’s actions.  Read more

Quarry has friends

Why is it that all the stories about the Holbert Quarry seem to be portraying him as some greedy, land-despoiling outlaw? His business is one of the most over-regulated in the country. How about an interview with a proponent on the Upper Delaware Council (UDC)? Not everyone agrees he should be shut down or kept from growing. If the river is protected, what is the beef?

Dimitri Zaimes
Lackawaxen, PA

UDC Interference

The Upper Delaware Council (UDC) has been singing the same old song about the Holbert Quarry since 2002. No to private property use, no to jobs, no to entrepreneurship, no to prosperity. When did it become the job of the UDC to try to preserve the bucolic poverty of the area?

Albert G. Beisel
Lackawaxen, PA

Friends in need

The real test of civilization and community is how people behave under stress. Toward that end, I want to thank my colleagues in the Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance for their selfless actions during Hurricane Irene. Without being asked, they banded together to keep roads clear for emergency vehicles, looked after the homebound and worked to mitigate damages and speed recovery. Once again, the town as a whole banded together to demonstrate the real value of “community.” Thank you.

Mike Uretsky
Damascus, PA

Thanks for the pancake breakfast

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all volunteers who helped the Tusten Lions hold their annual blueberry pancake breakfast in August. The breakfast was a great success. Also a thank you to all who came, ate and enjoyed the blueberry pancake breakfast.  Read more

Bethel Democrats rift healing? Party withholds backing of candidates

Three Democratic candidates for two seats on the town board will face off in a primary contest on September 13. Long-time incumbents Vicky Vassmer-Simpson and Bob Blais will be sharing the ballot with former highway superintendent Bernie Cohen.

The local Democratic Committee has decided not to back a candidate until after the primary, at which time it will presumably back the two winners. If Vassmer-Simpson wins and the committee supports her, it may signal the beginning of an end to a huge rift in the party that has defined it for the past couple of election cycles.  Read more

Thank you, Bethel Town Board

Thank you for moving last week’s town board meeting on gas drilling (“fracking”) to Saturday, so more could attend.

Thank you, Supervisor Dan Sturm, for your unequivocal assertion that fracking isn’t safe and shouldn’t happen in Bethel.

Thank you, Bethel board members who supported Sturm’s position and will work towards protecting and preserving our town.

This is an issue of obvious urgency to the residents of Bethel—over 200 folks attended the meeting. Thank you, Bethel town board, for listening and taking action.

Linda Charpentier
Bethel, NY