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April 2011

Pure Catskills membership open

REGION — Membership enrollment is now open for the annual Pure Catskills Guide to Farm Fresh Products. Download a copy of the registration materials or update your profile in the Get in the Guide section of the webpage, New this year is an additional publication free with paid memberships: Pure Catskills’ Business-to-Business Directory. This publication is designed for retailer, restaurant and wholesale buyers.

Milk exempted from oil spill regs

NATION — Last week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency formally exempted milk and milk containers from the Oil Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure rule, potentially saving the milk and dairy industries more than $140 million a year.

Since the 1970s, all kinds of oils, including animal fats like those contained in milk and vegetable oils, had been considered oils under the EPA rule, with special requirements for storage and handling to keep them out of waterways.  Read more

Concert: Styx & Yes

July 12, 2011

Progressive rock at Bethel Woods, 7pm, $20-$85.50. 800/745-3000.

Wet blanket

JEFFERSONVILLE, NY — April showers bring May flowers. They also bring innumerable rainouts. Fortunately the rainy week was during spring break, or the burgeoning list of postponed games would have grown longer yet.  Read more

Body and soul

A series of events recently led me to River Brook Farm, the organic farm closest to my home. In my attempt to conserve gasoline, I had never taken the 17-mile drive, since I don’t generally head up Route 97. But I had an engagement in Milanville, PA one Saturday in February, so I made a short detour to C. Meyer Road on the New York side, after hearing raves about Alice and Neil Fitzgerald, proprietors of the farm, and the certified organic crops they grow.  Read more

Do-it-yourself in the food sector

I have recently attended a wonderful class at the Sullivan County Community College (SCCC). This class was created for the general public, but its main focus is to help farmers expand their businesses on their farms or for people who work with farms. The classes teach how to create value-added food products: how to create a product, test it, market it and the rules and regulations that apply to this process. You would learn how to start your own business and have proven entrepreneurs speak about their successes.  Read more

‘Dirty politics’ indeed

I read with interest Brad Dellert’s letter in The River Reporter dated April 21. In it he states that lies, deceit, manipulation and slander have no place in politics. According to him, he’s rising above all that and taking the “high road” in his bid for supervisor of Shohola. Well apparently the high road is still under construction, because after staying on it for about three seconds, he abruptly did a u-turn and embraced with all his heart the very thing he claimed to want nothing to do with: “dirty politics.”  Read more

Hoeper is the way forward

If you drive the roads of Shohola, it becomes obvious that Greg Hoeper is running for supervisor. Posted proudly in front of many homes are campaign signs supporting that fact. It comes as no surprise why Mr. Hoeper has such a large following. When Mr. Steve Dellert abruptly resigned as supervisor, Mr. Hoeper was the person chosen to fill his seat. From the very first day he took on the title of supervisor, he has been a man of his word.  Read more

Taking sides by doing nothing

At Wednesday night’s Town of Delaware Board meeting, the issue of potential conflicts of interest for board members being asked to make decisions about the hot-button issue of gas drilling arose. I wish I could say the response by the board and town attorney Kenneth Klein gave me confidence that they knew where the lines need to be drawn.  Read more

Just so much gas

“As long as it’s done safely.” It’s a caveat we’ve all heard many times in pronouncements supporting gas drilling.

The desire for safety is certainly not something we would disagree with, but we do have a problem with the way this phrase is used. It is tossed off as a minor corollary to the basic assumption that natural gas drilling is a great idea. Actually gaining assurance that modern drilling techniques in unconventional shale formations will, or even can be done safely, is treated as a kind of footnote.  Read more