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December 05, 2016
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March 2011

Bethel passes cell tower law

Everybody who has addressed the issue had agreed that the town needs better cell phone service and, by extension, more cell towers, but there have disagreements about how far the town can or should go in regulating them.  Read more

Lawyer calls for change

Type the name William A. Brenner into the Google search engine and the first site you’ll find is the one Brenner set up for his run for the senate against Hillary Clinton in 2005. A lawyer from Grahamsville, he has also run for the House of Representatives and the New York Assembly.  Read more

Surviving on a small farm

The three farmers on the panel agreed: making a success of a small farm today is a lot of work and requires adaptability. The matter was discussed at the day-long convention called Farm to Market Connection held at the CVI Building in Ferndale on March 27.  Read more

Proposed regs provoke impassioned responses

As the new deadline to comment on the Delaware River Basin Commission’s Draft Natural Gas Development Regulations approaches on April 15, responses are arriving in droves and few are supportive.  Read more

Marino back from Afghanistan

Congressman Tom Marino returned from a week-long trip to Afghanistan on March 25, saying that U.S. troops are still needed there. Marino, who ran as a fiscal conservative and defeated Chris Carney in the election last November, said that the U.S. dollars that are flowing into the country are well-spent.  Read more

News in brief

Coalition supports revised flow management
UPPER DELAWARE RIVER VALLEY — A coalition of key conservation groups has joined to back one of the proposals being considered by the Delaware River Basin Commission to replace the current Flexible Flow Management Plan (FFMP) for managing flows in the river.  Read more

Former Shohola official investigated by Grand Jury

The former Shohola Township Zoning Officer is being investigated by a grand jury in Harrisburg. Donald Wall, who is the township’s current fire chief, was removed from office in March 2010 by supervisor George Fluhr.

Wall’s wife, Nelia, was also removed from her position as the township secretary and treasurer. She is also one of the township’s supervisors and can only be removed from that office by the voters.  Read more

The Good Life

When the earthquake struck Japan, people in Tokyo were trapped because public transportation was disrupted. On the third day after the quake, people were taking the last remaining food from stores. After four days, severe shortages of food and water spread across the country. Then the nuclear reactor exploded.  Read more

Are you sure you want to eat that?

Writing last month’s column, I wasn’t sure what I found more disturbing—that hydrofracking giant Halliburton expected us to believe their new fracking system “made up of ingredients sourced entirely from the food industry” was safe, or that the food on supermarket shelves contained additives that could fracture shale.  Read more

Rest assured

You could almost hear the collective sigh of relief when, in November, 2010, hydro-fracking Halliburton announced the creation of “CleanStim™ Formulation, a fracture fluid system comprised of materials sourced entirely from the food industry,” calling it “an exciting new innovation in the field.” The announcement came, no doubt, as comforting news to millions of people who rely on the purity of the Upper Delaware River drinking water, and to millions whose water is drawn from the aquifer that mingles underground with the Marcellus Shale.  Read more